Of late there has been another trend cropping up in Chennai that MSOs and cable operators are running an unholy nexus in blacking out channels that do not benefit to build their coffers. A good number of them are like:

  1. Dangal
  2. SVBC
  3. Maharishi

The significant among the accused is TCCL (Thamizhaga CableTV Communication Ltd). A few other issues with them are hereunder:

  1. Signal quality is very bad and you can see ghost lines almost in every channel.
  2. Many sections of TRAI recommendations outlined in http://trai.gov.in/Content/faq_subcat_details/161_2_1.aspxD_350 are violated by TCCL as indicated below.
    1. The contact number of the call center is not advertised prominently in their website. Only after calling repeatedly at their corporate (toll) number we are getting the call center number from them.
    2. TCCL does not have a web-based complaint monitoring system.
    3. There is no Nodal/Appellate team at TCCL.
    4. The MSO keeps changing the composition of the package adhoc and channel numbers keep changing rapidly.
    5. The MSO had de-screened channels without giving a proper announcement.
    6. The complaints had been remaining unaddressed for several weeks now.

A report has been sent to the following administration team towards these issues:

  1. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MOIAB/E/2016/02274)
  2. The Office of Prime Minister (PMOPG/E/2016/0397755)