We sent the following petition-suggestion to Metropolitan Transport Corporation on 21st Feb 2017 vide GOVTN/E/2017/00480

Dear Team,

The following petition/suggestion applies to Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC), Chennai. MTC is very innovative in introducing lot of delights in its fleet. I would suggest to have a corporate tieup with Reliance Jio and have their WiFi installed on your bus fleets so that their network coverage is also improved and MTC can also make use of internet services like GPS tracking, cashless payment for transport services etc. It is definitely a win-win situation for both the business entities.

The response from transport corporation on 27th April 2017 is as below.

Jio wifi cannot be installed based on customer / passengers preference. The proposal for introduing GPS traking etc is under study by MTC. Dated.28.03.2017.