It is season again for Axis Bank telemarketers. This time on 22nd March 2017 around 4.30 PM,  one Ms. Kavitha called me from 79047 55927 but Truecaller shows the name as Vinodha Jio. She was literally begging to take personal loans because her supervisor is forcing her to do it. Not sure she is being subjected to some kind of trafficking or workplace harassment but that is another story.

Coming back to the main story of Axis Bank Telemarketing in Chennai this latest call incident occured at
22nd March 2017 and 23rd March 2017

Looks like another round of telemarketing menace is budding with Axis Bank Chennai telemarketers.

I am not sure if Shikha Sharma is capable of dealing with her enterprise’ Chennai operations? I would suggest her to either quit or wind up the banking operations in Chennai because she doesn’t seem to be having a good control in this region.

And whenever an issue with Axis Bank telemarketer is escalated to you, the Chennai operations seem to be bribing the local law enforcement and making them to call us threatening us to withdraw the complaint so that they can continue their business as usual. Last year three police sub-inspectors were caught red handed doing this. Their names are: 1) Dhanasekaran (2) Anandan and (3) Purushottaman along with anonymous person who was introducing himself as an advocate for Axis Bank Chennai operations.

A copy of the report is sent to the following via CpGrams:

  1. Department of Financial Services (Banking) DEABD/E/2017/08657
  2. Government of Tamil Nadu regarding alleged irregularity with their police department GOVTN/E/2017/00801
  3. Office of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to take into account considering law and order breakage in one of the states whose capital city is competing to be smart city candidate. PMOPG/E/2017/0170588
  4. Department of Telecommunications FYI DOTEL/E/2017/09598

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