June 2017

A few days back I saw a report in The Hindu  on 12th May 2017 and reported the same to Government of Tamil Nadu. The text of the report/petition is as below.

Dear Team, The following article on The Hindu today illustrates the sorry state of MTC Bus Stop in Sembakkam. In the absence of a shelter at an MTC bus stop in Sembakkam, commuters have no other option but to brave the blazing sun. A good number of commuters wait at this stop as important route numbers such as 95 (East Tambaram to Thiruvaniyur); 99 (Adyar to West Tambaram); B51 (East Tambaram to T. Nagar); and 5A (East Tambaram to T. Nagar via Pallikaranai) plying through Velachery Main Road, halt here. Commuters could be found taking shelter at nearby commercial establishments and under a thaneer pandhal set up by members of a fan club of film actor Vijay. “It is a long wait in the afternoon hours when the frequency of the buses is low. What annoys us most is that many MTC drivers skip the stop though all route numbers are supposed to here. Unless commuters signal to them, the drivers do not halt,”says R. Shantha Thiagarajan, a commuter. As a result, many commuters walk up to the bus stop at Kamarajapuram or Santhosapuram, which are both two kilometres away. Thanks, Deepak Vasudevan

The response is still awaited from the competent authorities and the core summer itself is complete now.


We sent the belowsaid petition to Government of Tamil Nadu (GOVTN/E/2017/00647) on 10th March 2017 regarding rash driving in Ambattur Industrial Estate. The response came on 12th May 2017 as below.

Registration Number : GOVTN/E/2017/00647
Name Of Complainant : Deepak Kumar Vasudevan
Date of Receipt : 10 Mar 2017
Received by : Government of Tamil Nadu
Forwarded to : ADDL.COP TRAFFIC
Contact Address : The Additional Commissioner of Police Traffic,
Poonamallee High Road, Kilpauk,
Grievance Description : Dear Team, There is a dire need of speed interceptor near Wavin Junction (Ambattur) because there is a petrol bunk and a couple of car workshops with vehicles entering and exiting the highway and despite this vehicles on the highway are recklessly speeding and also not caring about the pedestrians crossing the stretch. Thanks and Regards, Deepak Vasudevan
Current Status : CASE CLOSED
Date of Action : 12 May 2017
Details : இப்புகார் சம்மந்தமாக T1 அம்பத்தூா் காவல் ஆய்வாளா் அவா்கள் அறிக்கை சமா்ப்பித்ததில் தற்போது வாவின் சிக்னல் நல்ல முறையில் இயங்கி வருகிறது. காலை மற்றும் மாலை நேரங்களில் புகாரில் குறிப்பிட்டுள்ள பெட்ரோல் பங்க் அருகில் ரோந்து வாகனம் மூலம் போக்குவரத்து சரி செய்யப்படுகிறது என்றும் பாதசாரிகள் கடக்கும் இடத்தில் மார்ஷல் காவலா்கள் அலுவல் புரிய அறிவுறுத்தப்பட்டுள்ளது என்றும் வேகமாக வரும் வாகனங்களை கட்டுப்படுத்த Zig Zag Barricades அமைக்க நடவடிக்கை எடுத்து வருவதாகவும் குறிப்பிட்டுள்ளார் என்பதை தெரிவித்துக்கொள்ளப்படுகிறது G1/Tr/427/2017, Dated:12/05/2017, Addl.COP/Traffic/Chennai-7

The following petition was sent to Metropolitan Transport Corporation on GOVTN/E/2017/01455 and the response is still awaited as of this publishing.

Dear Team,

The following issue is related to Metropolitian Transport Corporation (MTC). There are two services S3 and S10 operated from Chromepet bus stand towards Madambakkam and Jothi Nagar respectively. I have the following observations regarding them. S10. The number of services is very less. After 7.30 PM in the night there are no services. S3.

Even though at times you can see two buses crossing each other, the outlook of the staff is not receptive. They shirk duty and skip services/singles. There are supposed to be two buses at 8.45 and 9.20 PM during night. Yesterday we were waiting at Chromepet bus stand from 8.30.

Neither of the buses turned up. S3 non operations is not an isolated feature. Even during afternoon hours the frequency is erratic.

I think lack of checking and time keeper staff at Chromepet bus stand and/or Madambakkam is giving an undue advantage to the S3 crew to behave in such a way. Kindly do the needful.

Thanks and Regards,

Deepak Vasudevan




A petition was sent to TANGEDCO on 23rd December 2016 (GOVTN/E/2016/03034) as below.

Dear Sir/Madam, In Rajakilpakkam intersection at Velachery – Tambaram Road, there is a transformer. Near the transformer there are lot of wires which are dangling. I have clipped a photo and have enclosed along with this petition. You can find lot of wires criss-crossing on the road also. If there is water-logging it might become hazardous. Can you direct TANGEDCO/TANTRANSCO to take appropriate steps and have the wires hooked up within the transformer gadgets itself instead of dangling around the street? Thanks and Regards, Deepak Vasudevan

The response came back on 25th May 2017 regarding the follow-up action on 10th February 2017 as below.

Based on the petition , the site was inspected on 10.2.2017 the wires were restrung to maintain sufficient horizontal and verticles clearance from the transformer.

We submitted a representation to TANGEDCO vide GOVTN/E/2017/00152 on 15th Jan 2017 with the text as below regarding dangling wires in Rajakilpakkam intersection.

Dear Team, The traffic intersection at Rajakilpakkam signal has lot of dangling wires near the signal (opposite Pizza Shop at the median divider). Kindly get TNEB to take steps please. A couple of photographs has been enclosed. Thanks and Regards, Deepak Vasudevan

The response from the department came on 25 May 2017 as below

The above fault has been attended and recitfied. It is informed to the petitioner.

I had reported to #TANGEDCO on 30 September 2016 with the following petition text and the response from them came on 25 May 2017.

Petition Text:

Dear Team, The TANGEDCO website payment interface has been non-functional now at least for the third consecutive week. I had a power bill payment due. At least a dozen requests to TANGEDCO team has elicited sparse response after which I paid a visit to the local office to make the payment. The local office person told lot of people are complaining the same and also at times their server also is kind of slow. Can you take up the issue with the software/hardware vendor for TANGEDCO and get the issue rectified asap? Thanks and Regards, Deepak Vasudevan

Response from TANGEDCO


I am not sure if TANGEDCO is going in the right direction with this amount of lethargy and inertia in them.

Unlike Mumbai, in Chennai and TamilNadu, erstwhile TNEB (now TANTRANSCO and TANGEDCO) is having the monopoly in  power transmission and distribution. This leads to large scale bureocratic red tapes and corruption along with stale technology adoption. We submitted two petitions to Government of Tamil Nadu as below.

  1. GOVTN/E/2016/02955 (on 19th December 2016)
  2. GOVTN/E/2016/02957 (on 19th December 2016)

The text and response for the first petition is as below.

Petition: Dear Team, TANGEDCO is getting non-competitive and also lesser efficient these days at least in the perspective of bill payment. Most of the service providers in other parts of the country have tieups with providers like Freecharge, Paytm etc so that they have redundant payment interfaces so that if one goes down, another will manage the load. But since TANGEDCO has a single proprietary online payment and a few months back there was an outage which made a huge surge on offline counters forcing undue load on them. Can you look into the same and get TANGEDCO onboard a few bill payment services like PayTM, Freecharge and a host of others? Thanks and Regards, Deepak Vasudevan

Response on 25 May 2017:

TANGEDCO have already provided facility for making online payment of Electricity Bill by Net Banking, Payment Gateway:Debit Card/Credit Card), Mobile Banking, Branch Counter, Mobile App, ATM collection etc. through the following 20 banks and is going on successfully to enhance the consumer’s satisfaction :- Net Banking 1. AXIS Bank, 2. ICICI Bank, 3. City Union Bank, 4. Karur Vysya Bank, 5. Bank of Baroda, 6. HDFC Bank, 7. Punjab National Bank, 8. Canara Bank, 9. Central Bank of India, 10. Federal Bank, 11. Lakshmi Vilas Bank, 12. State Bank of India 13. Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank, 14. TNSC Bank, 15. Indian Bank, 16. Indian Overseas Bank, 17. IDBI, 18. State Bank of Travancore, 19. Union Bank of India, 20. Bank of India Payment Gateway:Debit Card 1.Canara Bank, 2. Indian Bank, 3. Indian Overseas Bank, Payment Gateway:Credit Card 1. AXIS Bank, 2. ICICI Bank, 3. Bank of Baroda, 4. IDBI, Mobile Banking 1.City Union Bank, 2.Karur Vysya Bank, 3. Lakshmi Vilas Bank, 4.Tamil Nadu Mercantile, 5.Indian Bank – Mobile Banking SMS Mode, Branch Counter 1.City Union Bank., 2.Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank, 3. Lakshmi Vilas Bank Mobile App 1. Indian Bank ATM 2.Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank, Inspite of many online payment interfaces are already provided to the consumers, necessary efforts have already been taken by the TANGEDCO for engaging online collection through PAYTM in the alternative mode of payment channel and are under process.

The text and response of the second petition is as below.

Petition Text: Dear Team, We would need to have a radical renaissance of TANGEDCO. It is good that TNEB was birfurcated into TANGEDCO and TRANTRANSCO. It would be best if like Mumbai we had some private players like Tata and Reliance thus infusing more healthy competition in the market besides active growth. Thanks and Regards, Deepak Vasudevan

Petition Response (on 25 May 2017)

As per rules and regulations of the Board action will be taken by the Board.

On an average, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board takes six months to work on the petition.

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