I had reported to #TANGEDCO on 30 September 2016 with the following petition text and the response from them came on 25 May 2017.

Petition Text:

Dear Team, The TANGEDCO website payment interface has been non-functional now at least for the third consecutive week. I had a power bill payment due. At least a dozen requests to TANGEDCO team has elicited sparse response after which I paid a visit to the local office to make the payment. The local office person told lot of people are complaining the same and also at times their server also is kind of slow. Can you take up the issue with the software/hardware vendor for TANGEDCO and get the issue rectified asap? Thanks and Regards, Deepak Vasudevan

Response from TANGEDCO


I am not sure if TANGEDCO is going in the right direction with this amount of lethargy and inertia in them.