May 2019

For a few years I have been holding this Idea Mobile number in Chennai circle. Last weeks ago I found an acute technical glitch which would have made me incurred additional expenses for no fault of fine. I was steeply running out of balance and I was trying to exercise Ask Talktime feature from my friend. The Ask Talktime feature was asking the phone number and the phrase was so incomplete that I thought it was asking my phone number and it accepted. Then it sent out a message from my own number to me asking whether I can accept talktime transfer request (precisely it is trying to transfer talktime from my account to same account at a charge). Ideally when I entered my own number it should have done a validation check that MDN is same as requesting MDN and should have stopped the process with an alert.

I have tried explaining this to Idea 198 but they do not seem to be understanding the intricate technicality of the issue and  hence before this bug takes a toll on some one else balance I have reported the same to Department of Telecommunications vide DOTEL/E/2019/14135

The following petition was submitted today to State Transport Department for the benefit of citizens of Chennai.  We would keep you posted with responses from department for the same.

This applies to whole of Greater Chennai and Chennai Suburban. In almost all of the MTC bus stops, entry and exit of MTC terminus private autorickshaws have come up with (un-)authorized stands and some of them are spotted with as affiliated to some weird trade unions. Additionally the two wheeler bikers are again causing road rash, races and stunts when the bus comes to the bus stop. I do not understand the logic of why they want to get injected between the bus and the bus stop preventing passengers from seamlessly and smoothly boarding the buses. Somewhere around in the discussion forum on the Internet a few months ago a community poster was mentioning that there might be some unholy nexus between these elements for reasons best known to them.

I would like State Transport Corporation to take up this issue with Metropolitan Transport Corporation, Traffic Enforcement and Law & Order across the city to curtail this menace of obstructing passengers from boarding the buses. It is unfortunate that when there is Article 353 to protect government servants from any type of assault preventing them from discharging their duties, there is no protective sheath for genuine tax paying citizens of the country to avail the facilities provided by the government which is once again paid for by them.

Disclaimer: The petitioner is severely limited with time due to his work nature. Additionally this is a public advisory petition. Every bit of the information has been duly captured in this complaint document and hence request for depositions to local police stations for extended time for enquiry etc is completely unnecessary and unwarranted. The petitioner may be available on the RMN (Registered Mobile Number) subject to his hectic schedules at his workplace. We would humbly request the cooperation and assistance of investigating personnel in this regard.

If the servicing operators continue to harass the petitioner for more information on call or email it would be construed as their consent to consider their calls as public nuisance and/or harassment and/or unsolicited commercial communication and shall be dealt with extant provisions thereto. We would also like to mention that the servicing operators particularly the law enforcement need not harass the petitioner seeking withdrawal of the petition citing their inability to work on the same and we would like to mention that any such withdrawal requests shall be forwarded to their leadership and we request their leadership to take significant cognizance of such withdrawal requests as demonstrated misdemeanour, gross incompetency and malevolent non compliance and their leadership is advised to initiate maximum disciplinary action against such cadre in their workforce so that such gestures are deterrent for similar offenders. We appreciate your understanding and assistance in this matter.


Recently I had a request for balances transferred from xxx0796 and xxx6014 to xxx7856. Just two months ago I had a similar request and they completed but this time they were citing flimsy reasons each time and postponing it.  Some of the various reasons each executive was giving was
  1. System is not working. We will call later
  2. Need to convert to postpaid for this facility
  3. There is no such facility.
  4. Previous request was done as a one time gesture
After a hiatus of 3 weeks they told me to do as multi-transactions myself using star 141 hash and then they will reimburse the charges. The total service charges which I had paid is 101 but now they have started to crib telling citing the following set of flimsy reasons
  1. Both the transferor numbers are ported out and hence the history is deleted. So unable to verify the balance records
  2. We do not have any such confirmation
  3. There is no such facility
  4. Please visit a store for the same. (And when the store is visited they are asking to write to backend)

A note has been filed with Department of Telecommunications vide DOTEL/E/2019/12639

I have been the user of TRAI DND 2.0 App ever since its BETA release. In my personal experiments the number using Airtel SIM alone fails to get background verified and keeps logging out after three attempts. Initially when I reported to Airtel they tried to cover it up by telling TRAI app is buggy and we need to take up the issue with TRAI. However following sequence of events prove that Airtel is intentionally blocking the verification from TRAI and hence the app is not able to background verify the numbers on their network.
xxx7856 (worked fine when using Vodafone and when ported into Airtel stopped auto verifying on the app)
xxx0796 (misbehaved when on TRAI network and when I moved out into Jio network resumed operation)
Tried a couple of other numbers using BSNL, Idea and everything works fine except numbers on Airtel network.
A note has been filed with CpGrams vide