Recently I had a request for balances transferred from xxx0796 and xxx6014 to xxx7856. Just two months ago I had a similar request and they completed but this time they were citing flimsy reasons each time and postponing it.  Some of the various reasons each executive was giving was
  1. System is not working. We will call later
  2. Need to convert to postpaid for this facility
  3. There is no such facility.
  4. Previous request was done as a one time gesture
After a hiatus of 3 weeks they told me to do as multi-transactions myself using star 141 hash and then they will reimburse the charges. The total service charges which I had paid is 101 but now they have started to crib telling citing the following set of flimsy reasons
  1. Both the transferor numbers are ported out and hence the history is deleted. So unable to verify the balance records
  2. We do not have any such confirmation
  3. There is no such facility
  4. Please visit a store for the same. (And when the store is visited they are asking to write to backend)

A note has been filed with Department of Telecommunications vide DOTEL/E/2019/12639