For a few years I have been holding this Idea Mobile number in Chennai circle. Last weeks ago I found an acute technical glitch which would have made me incurred additional expenses for no fault of fine. I was steeply running out of balance and I was trying to exercise Ask Talktime feature from my friend. The Ask Talktime feature was asking the phone number and the phrase was so incomplete that I thought it was asking my phone number and it accepted. Then it sent out a message from my own number to me asking whether I can accept talktime transfer request (precisely it is trying to transfer talktime from my account to same account at a charge). Ideally when I entered my own number it should have done a validation check that MDN is same as requesting MDN and should have stopped the process with an alert.

I have tried explaining this to Idea 198 but they do not seem to be understanding the intricate technicality of the issue and  hence before this bug takes a toll on some one else balance I have reported the same to Department of Telecommunications vide DOTEL/E/2019/14135