September 2019

The daily morning needs for every family at times become chaotic particularly when something like milk is getting delayed or egg or bread is running out of stock in the kitchen.  We recently came to know of a service called SuprDaily which has its origin in Mumbai but now expanded its service to most parts of the country.

All you need is an app developed by them running on a supported platform (Android or IOS) and a UPI enabled bank account to order the same. Unlike local milk vendors you are no longer restricted to particular brands only. A host of diversified brands are available to be searched and ordered on the app at the price mentioned by the manufacturer themselves.

And even the delivery is impeccable.  Though the ETA for delivery is 7 AM, they have a hardworking folks who turn to your doorsteps right before 5 AM itself. And even when they come early there are options for them whether to ring the bell or just slide in the delivery items at your door (to ensure your sleep is not disturbed).

And when you are outbound for a vacation for a few days it is quite easy to pause the deliveries at the comfort of the app. Orders are accepted for processing for a day till 2230 hours the previous night. Support is impeccably fast via IVRS, Social Media and App based chat.

Additionally a slew of offers thrown now and then helps customer’s give a soothing comfort to their inflation-strained wallets. Let us wish SuprDaily more success in their business. And the success of this startup is more clear since they have been recently engaged as a subsidiary to Swiggy it seems.

We had a trip from Karaikkal to Chennai using SETC (State Express Transport Corporation) SETC bus with the following fleet code NGP C 805

Date of Journey: 7th September 2019
Time of Journey: 1150 AM

The driver and conductor demonstrated the following gross misdemeanor to the passengers. The bus was supposed to halt for lunch break at Chidambaram bus stand around 1345 hours so that passengers can attend their Nature calls and refresh themselves. However the bus avoided to stop at Chidambaram bus stand and despite a passenger who had severe need to urinate the bus went unstopped till Puthur to a lesser known roadside hotel which sells non-standard items for beverages. Their refrigerator did not have any branded items and MRP was not adhered to. Additionally the crew also used illmannered gesture and unparliamentary words on the passenger who requested a stop to disembark even to the extent of relinquishing his ticket till Chennai. Unfortunately even the water refills were asked for money by this road side restaurant.

Incidents like this have become quite common in Tamil Nadu where the transport corporation staff nurture an unholy nexus with a set of restaurants who bestow unknown benefits to them in return for bringing passengers to them for lunch and refreshments at exorbitant rates.  This has been time and again reported on incident basis whereas there has been no concrete corrective tangible action by the transport corporation against their erring workforce.

A petition to this effect has been recorded with the office of Prime Minister vide ****/E/2019/0****99