A few days ago received a call from SuprDaily asking for feedback about the new version of the  app. Honestly speaking it was a good design with a very good aesthetic touch. I did appreciate them and gave a score of 4.5 out of 5. Normally it is my practice to hold .5 to 1 from the top to ensure we always have some scope of improvement in whatever we do.  The CRM executive was glad enough and asked if there was some feedback I would like to share for further improvement.

This was the suggestion I told them. Have a scope to incorporate multiple vacation settings at once. For example if I am on vacation for this weekend, 2 days from the week now, subsequent weekend, I should be able to feed them all at once to the app so that deliveries are paused upfront instead of me waiting to reopen the app everytime right before the vacation. This is normal because we are able to book tickets in advance for Airline and IRCTC so we know when precisely we are travelling and we are only trying to ensure the same information is cascaded in this app. I really had a very difficult time to make this CRM executive even understand the concept and I had to get to the bottom most in explaining the comparisons and need of the same. But not sure he understood anything when he complained bad connection only to hung up.

Other than this SuprDaily is really a wonderful innovative service and I hope the management takes care of these issues which are really an eyesore on their innovative offerings.