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We had reported an issue of abandoned vehicle in Velachery Tambaram Road at Rajakilpakkam junction on 16th October 2019 to Tata  Motors (who were identified to be financing the vehicle), RTO and a Cc to Chennai Police (via GDP Portal). Tata Motors confirmed on phone in just a week that  hypothecation does not exist and hence they do not have any control on the vehicle any longer.

However after 2 months the office of Superintendent of Police (Kanchipuram district)  is just closing the complaint with an irresponsible reply like the petitioner should contact Pallavaram Police Station for remedy. Interestingly this area falls under Selaiyur. Here are some of the glaring issues with respect to their response:


Petition Response

  1. The SP office seems to be lacking the idea of proximity police station with respect to the incident.
  2. Modus Operandi of redressal of Public Interest Petition is not able to identified from a Peer to Peer complaints
  3. Seriousness to Citizen Security observed sharply missing in their response
  4. Instead of taking a pro-active suo moto gesture of looking into the abandoned vehicle and its antecedents, the emphasis seems to be on closing the complaint and harassing the petitioner by asking them to move from pillar to post.