About Views and Reviews

Views and Reviews is an evolved platform, a testimony of strong, succinct and constructive user feedback over a distinctly long period of time. For users, who have been visited my earlier review platform, called ViewPoint or ViewPoint 24×7, Views and Reviews, would be similar. It is the same VP 24×7 but with a different name that better reflects its purpose, span, audience, objective and so on and so forth.


We are the basic elements of the society. We normally blame the society for all the evils, but we often forget that we are also the elements of the same society and hence instead of finger pointing on others, we should start introspecting proactively and correct ourselves. There is a saying that when you resort to finger pointing, the index finger alone would point to the person who are branding as accused and the rest of the four fingers would be pointing at you. This is the Nature’s own lesson that we need to strongly learn the practice of introspection.

The Concept 
Views and Reviews has been built to aide us in various products and services, which would be better supporting us in a healthy lifestyle. By wording it as healthy lifestyle, I am trying to address in a nutshell, the healthiness by way of physique, mental and growth. Again to support introspection, if you find a post in Views and Reviews that does not conform to a proper and valid review that would be helpful for the product, feel free to comment on it. Let it be a view or a review on Views and Reviews itself. By this way, Views and Reviews also enhances itself, serving you in more better ways.

How it works

Currently Views and Reviews is authored by me and my friends who have been added as authors to comment, write views and reviews on various products and services. We also invite you to utilise the same while availing the products and services in the market. At the sametime, if you wish to have a review done on a product or service, feel free to comment on a most closer review. Any of the authors would be most pleased to take up the task in the welfare of the society. Alternatively, if you have a review and would like to be published, then you may like to choose any of the following methods:

  1. Submit your profile to us along with your other contributions. We would try to peruse the same and add you as a contributor to Views and Reviews. The application is subject to our perusal and review. We may accept or decline any application, without assigning any reason thereof. At the moment, we do not have any firm plan in place as to how much time an application takes to become a contributor.
  2. Send your review to us. Your review would be published after due editing to match the language, style and grammar and due credits would be given to you in the post itself.

So what are you waiting for. Keep reading the reviews and send your reviews too…