Cops behind college students in Chennai

It is said that literacy would reduce legal complications and eliminate crime scenarios. However, in Chennai, at least in recent times, the number of face to face conflicts between cops and college students seem to be on an always ascending spree. I would recall a few incidents that substantiate this observation:

1. “Three students were seriously injured in a violent caste clash that broke out between two groups of students at Ambedkar Law College on Wednesday.The students waged a pitched battle, even as a posse of policemen waited outside the gates and news photographers clicked pictures.Knives, iron rods, wooden logs and tubelights were freely used by the clashing students. The police remained silent spectators, waiting for a call from the college principal for help.” (YouTube Video)

2. Yesterday, I had an opportunity to see a small public advisory put up by Chennai cops in many buses which reads as (translated from Tamil): “If you are disturbed in buses by college students, please call 9003130101,9003130102,9003130103,9003130104”.

What is happening to the state of Tamil Nadu? Once upon a time, the colleges here were a great welcome for many students including those abroad. Is the government in deep slumber to bring law and order in the state?

PMK Heading towards ban of Alcohol also …

Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss was successful in bringing in a complete ban of tobacco from today. His father (Dr. Ramadoss) who heads the Pattali Makkal Katchi in Tamil Nadu has been also actively combating against liquor shops and urging the government to bring a total closure of all liquor shops and wine outlets in the state.

You can check out  a complete report from ‘The Hindu’ here. We have the following significant points to ponder upon over this topic and support PMK in their initiative to urge the government to bring a complete ban on liquor.

  1. Drunken driving cases in several parts of the state is on an alarming rise. Cops are just going blind-folded.
  2. The government is just acting deaf, dumb and blind towards the cry of people on their requests that illicit arrack distilleries be stamped out from the Indian soil.
  3. Many political agents have significant contracts and capital investments in either TASMAC and/or one or more those illicit arrack distilleries and this seems to be ulterior and sole motive of the government turning a blind eye to the cause of banning the liquor flow in the state.

At least in Gandhi Jayanthi day, let us hope we pray to our ‘Father of Nation’ to help us tide over this menace.

Now we can afford to breathe fresh oxygen in India …

The Union Health Ministry of India has rolled out a significant ban of smoking in public places all over the country. This ban comes into effect right from the birth anniversary day of Mahatma Gandhi (October 2). Check out a complete review on the same over here.

As always, there has been some opposition from tobocco companies and the Union Health Ministry has taken a bold initiative to ensure a fresh oxygen within the Indian subcontinent.

We welcome this move but there are a few more questions to be answered by Government:

  1. How effective would be the ban? While the law prohibits smoking in public places, how effective and stringent would be the implementation; how much would be the vigilance of the cops and how far would the cops be truthful to book the offenders instead of using this as yet another cash-cow to fill in their wallets!
  2. Tobacco is also a cottage industry. What are the rehabilitation measures taken by the Government for those people whose livelihood is affected by this ban?

Let us wait and see the moves …

The ICICI Bank Relationship — Evolution and Fall

A quick search on the Internet on ‘ICICI Bank’ actually brings to limelight so much of disgust and mistrust that people have on this bank. At least, the following topics would prove this very much:
  1. ICICI Bank — A Bad Experience for many
  2. Private Banks in India — Banking for the Booty
  3. Express IT Courier and Credit Card Felony
  4. To close a bank account, it takes 15 months. That is ICICI.
 I was just thinking that I should do a little analysis into the history and bring out a small report on how was the bank performance. For the purpose of this analysis, I have considered my knowledge of the bank from 2000. It was in 2000 Feburary when I was working in 3rdAgenda (Agenda Net Marketing Private Limited), Nungambakkam. Till then our salary was given as checks and I had to encash them at my Indian Bank, T. Nagar. They started issuing bank accounts from ICICI to all employees. That was the first time, I came to know of ATM operations. I should actually thank ICICI for introducing me to new generation banking innovations like ATM, Internet Banking and Personalized Cheque Books. Frankly speaking, till I got the ICICI Salary Account from 3rdAgenda in 2001, I was simply unaware of ATM. The concept of ATM was just opening up in India at least then.
About September 2001, I moved to Chrysolite Enterprises Private Limited in Alwarpet. I still continued using my ICICI bank account. Now they also had a good ATM in the nearby petrol bunk. The then ATM support desk at ICICI Bank (atm@icicibank.com) was also very helpful. I remember sending one suggestion/report to them regarding the slanted PIN panel in the Alwarpet ATM which brought in the following (security) issues:
  1. Inconvenience of entering the PIN number
  2. The outsider can just peep at what you are entering.

They were even responsive and after a while, this PIN panel was also replaced them. The negative experience with ICICI was also slowly cropping up. ICICI Bank, Cenotaph Road representative squeezed on us salary accounts even though the Chrysolite Management was not willing to credit salaries to it. They outright told that it is upto the employees to open the salary account but the management would continue disbursing the salary by pay cheques only. Because of the small team and the marketing guy’s incessant trouble, I opened another ICICI Bank account but just a week after, I just felt it was waste and hence closed it outright. 🙂


Time went on. I had a brief tour to New Delhi in May 2002 on a client site assignment at GECIS, Gurgaon. I should say my ICICI account was rather helpful at New Delhi on account of the following reasons:


  1. Being a contract employee for Sakshi Automation Solutions, I need not open a separate account and they were happy to credit the pay to my existing ICICI account.
  2. This was the first time, I have been travelling a few miles across from my hometown (Chennai) and hence a quick money source was the ATM card.

After the contract assignment, when I returned to Chennai, I had other assignments with organizations here. I have anyway explained about the ICICI Bank relationship from then on over the four points in the start of this report. I have a few points over ICICI Bank relationship:


  1. No doubt they are trying to be very innovative in banking products but the problem is that currently to achieve cost cutting and economical operations, they have outsourced most of the banking operations to low-profile staff all over the country. You can see how mean and baseless was Adyar Branch Manager’s reply in (2) above.
  2. Since the branch staff are low profile, they also outsource the collection tasks to goondas flouting the laws of land and hence all over the country, the law and order terribly breaks down because of this bank.
  3. In an aggressive marketing spree, they have commissioned so many telemarketers to sell their banking products. But the chosen telemarketers are just headed towards getting more commission. They hence flout the laws of land particularly the NDNC. Inspite of registering to all NDNCs in India, you would still get telemarketing calls for sure and a good chunk of 75% of them would be from ICICI group.

How to tackle this menace?

 You ought to be persistent and report each and every issue to Central Processing Unit of ICICI Bank. They have three channels. Remember it is a very slow process. Sometimes, the ICICI Customer Care sends gibberish crap responses and pretend as if they don’t understand your query or complaint at all. If you encounter such a situation, escalate to Head Service Quality.

 I believe, the ICICI Management has to take some real pains to bring a sea change in its operations to alleviate the entire depth of carcinogenic maladies that has infected throughout the organization.