Tamil Nadu is going for elections today. V&R takes this opportunity to remind everyone to head on to their designated polling station (aka) voting booths and exercise your franchise.

Election Commission of India has a free SMS number called 1950 to which if you send your voter id, it will give you the designated polling booth.

Some points to note:

  1. Your vote is not for sale. If a party offers something bribe or tries to ferry you to a polling booth, report them to the election commission. Reporting to law enforcement is of no use because most police folks work hand-in-hand with corrupt politicians.
  2. If you are not satisfied with any of the candidates, choose NOTA in the polling machine.
  3. If your organization is not giving you time and/or holiday to exercise your franchise report to Labor Department and to Election Commission. It may be that your manager/supervisor has an unholy nexus with politicians making you to boycott the election and use your name to cast bogus votes. Stop them from doing that.

Let us give 100% voting. Even if candidates are unfit in the constituency, there is the most fitting candidate in every constituency. NOTA.

Yesterday I was trying to order a new Prepay Half Rate SIM (INR 222) from Tata Docomo eShop. Previously there used to be a number selection. Now that feature has been withdrawn. Even for postpaid the option is not shown. The chat support was telling to wait for the customer care to call and then confirm.

When the customer care called me they were forcing me to take a Postpaid connection to opt for choice number. Even choice number we can give a set of numbers and then they will choose one without confirming to us. Appellate team was also not helpful. A while back I had raised an issue that Tata Docomo brand stores are discouraging prepaid SIMs (complaint on Ekkaduthangal Store) and forcing customers to go for postpaid even for MNP prepaid to prepaid option.

Looks like a lot of discriminatory practices by Tata Docomo team and no wonder Docomo wants to exit this unethical company. We wouldn’t be surprised at a later stage they bring a scheme like prepaid customers can not make calls between 00:00 hours Sunday to 23:59 hours Saturday and only postpaid customers can make calls during this period!

Registration Number : DOTEL/E/2016/07426
Name Of Complainant : Deepak Kumar Vasudevan
Date of Receipt : 05 Mar 2016
Received by : Department of Telecommunications
Forwarded to : Secretary TRAI
Contact Address : Secretary,TRAI, Mahanagar Doorsanchar
Bhawan (Next to ZakirHussain College) Jawaharlal
Nehru Marg,(Old Minto Road), New Delhi110002
Contact Number : 23237448
Grievance Description : Hi Team, For the past few days, the following website is not loading. This is NCCP TRAI Portal. Whenever we try to navigate it always gives the following message: This webpage is not available ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT Kindly look into the same and help out.
Current Status : CASE CLOSED
Date of Action : 23 Mar 2016
Details : Physiclly forwarded to TRAI on dted 23/3/2016


Around eight years back the athiest party of DMK made Pongal as Tamil New Year which was a great setback for the Hindu culture. Thankfully, Jayalalitha led AIADMK government has reversed and voided the ordinance four years back.

But till now, Kalaignar TV is involving in false propaganda during Pongal festivals calling it as New year. Furthermore, Hindu festivals are called as ‘holidays’ in their channel whereas they are called by festival names for non-Hindu observations

Petition sent to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting via MOIAB/E/2016/00252 on 2nd February 2016

We have been acutely dismayed and severely disturbed by panicky traffic situation and haphazard driving on Velachery Tambaram Road specifically between Camp Road and Medavakkam. Countless amount of time we have given heads-up to Chennai City Traffic Police via their social media page. However there hasn’t been any action. Hence we felt we would register a complaint (vide reference number AAD1500450 on 3rd September 2015) using CCTNS.


No. Intersection Notes
1 Camp Road The left turn from Sembakkam towards Tambaram towards Bharat college is panicky. Onecan not think that there is no traffic and can confidently cross the street as some ‘magic’ rider would dart in as-if from the sky and would knock down the pedestrian.
2 Mahalakshmi Nagar Even though there is a traffic light there is hardly any respect for the same. I have seen MTC buses proceeding towards Sembakkam just ignoring the traffic light after starting from the bus stop here.

The enterers to Chitlapakkam Main Road from Sembakkam direction are again a big nuisance as they form like an array of frontline battalion at the intersection.

3 Rajakilpakkam
  1. The signal at this intersection is literally of no use as no one respects it.
  2. At times in the morning even at 8 AM either the signal does not function or just keeps blinking.
  3. There is a total anarchy 24×7 in this stretch as vehicles go whims and fancy in any direction.
  4. You can regularly witness vehicles plying in the wrong direction from the Indian Bankroadtowards the Indian Oil Petrol Bunk.
  5. People coming out of Madambakkam road towards Tambaram also do a rash overtaking and turn left.
  6. Those who come from this road to fill petrol resort to driving in the wrong direction to avoid a U turn near Mahalakshmi Nagar.
  7. People coming outside VOC street to merge into Velachery Tambaram road also do not carry about the traffic on themainstreet. They almost come on themainstreet and squat there for the traffic to reduce. This causes a literal and regular quarrelsome behavior on a regular basis.
4 Kamarajapuram
  1. The road crossing here is particularly dangerous considering a narrower stretch towards Sembakkam direction and an uneven multi-lane on the opposite side.
  2. Also the median divider on the panchayat side is thrown down and some buses park in the middle of the road.
5 Gowrivakkam Despite presence of two colleges (SIVET and CIPET) there is a high level of honking and also high speeding in this stretch.


I admit that CCTP workforce alone can not do everything because of the ratio between volume of traffic and number of available traffic enforcement. I have a suggestion. How about engaging local businesses and/or local public or associations to depute some people to enforce discipline in this area under their supervision. This way, an unnecessarily heavy workload and stress on your workforce can be avoided and at the same time a better traffic control be also enforced.

We would need to look at these stretches ASAP because the traffic situation is grievous considering the growth of vehicles in a typical geometric progression. In my personal experience even a few weeks back one biker just knocked me down at Rajakilpakkam bus stop. A few days back in the evening at 10.45 PM the Uber taxi which I was riding was brushed violently on its side by a speeding biker overtaking in the wrong direction exactly at this stretch.

CCTNS reply history is as below:

Date Source Status Officer Reply
17-11-2015 DCP-ST.THOMAS MOUNT Disposed complaint has been transfer to concern point of relevant jurisdiction.
14-09-2015 ST.THOMAS MOUNT-MDTR Forwarded to DCP Dear Complainant, Your complaint has been received and forwarded to Addl. Commissioner of Police, Traffic Zone, Chennai Traffic Police for necessary action
11-09-2015 CHENNAI RAILWAYS-MDTR Forwarded Other Moderator – ST.THOMAS MOUNT Dear complaints, Your petitions has been received and forwarded to the Chennai City, because other jurisdiction, Thank you,
08-09-2015 KANCHEEPURAM-MDTR Forwarded Other Moderator – CHENNAI RAILWAYS Dear Complaints. Your petitions has been received and forward to the Chennai City, because other jurisdictions Thank you,


Welcome to CCTNS Citizen Portal

I have a report about an unsolicited commercial communication (UCC) of acute nature (a privacy interference call) on August 7 2015 from an Airtel Subscriber +919840790090. The call and text records have been duly disseminated before the competent authorities within the TRAI mandated reporting window for telemarketing calls.
I find that Airtel is in steep violation regarding the following:
  1. Intruding into my privacy and letting the accused know my number. What-if the intruder goes violent and makes a physical assault? Would Airtel bear any or related charges? In this case, the accused is unnecessarily involving my corporate resources and divulging our valuable business hours into seeking remedy.  This is despite a boldface note from Airtel to the offender that the number is shared only for internal evaluation and to attempt contact with me in any form.

    I have elected for START 0 meaning summarily no UCC. Period. If the accused is doing any part time business, it is up to them but my only concern is ‘do-not-bother-me’ unnecessarily. I am not interested to be on sides with such unethical people who can not comply with laws of land.

  2. Expecting the accused to ‘resolve’ the issue and ‘seeking’ a withdrawal. With reference to one of previous incidences, the only remedial way is the UCC accused should give an undertaking to TERM cell and his cell phone company for review. No where, the ‘victim’ is involved to be present in the arena.
The intent of writing this email is following:
  1. I am in no-mood to go against TRAI mandate like drafting any email to In my view, unsolicited telemarketing is nothing short of sex marketing. And telemarketers should be treated on par prostitutes under Immoral Trafficking Act, 1956. That is a primary governance violation. If any such requests was found received by Airtel and Airtel is honoring the same it means they are also abetting a cheating offence besides NDNC violation.
  2. I have undergone umpteen mental stress because of this UCC and sequel of steps till this email. I would like an apology for the same and an emphasis that it wouldn’t recur in the future and if it recurs why should’nt the accused or the cellphone company of the accused should be challenged in a competant court for an appropriate remedy.

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