I reported a very simple account management issue in Tamil Nadu Electricity Board website on 29 December 2011 through Administrative Reforms website of Government of India. As of today, 2nd June 2012 the said grievance is still in ‘Received the Grievance’ status without being actioned upon by Government of Tamil Nadu.

I am not sure whether some one is undertaking a pedestrian path from New Delhi to Chennai, according to Google Maps it is going to take less than a fortnight. Would the governments wake up to the deep slumber resorted to by its workers? If it had been a private organization and even a mission critical problem would be forced onto the workers to stay awake and indoors at work continuously without break for two to three days to fix it. So where is the problem actually?


Very recently another paramour-patronage high drama murder has been enacted by an unscrupulous wife in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The news URL can be found here.  Whilst the priests who solemnized their wedlock would have wished them many days and nights inseparably together in bliss and happiness, the bride seems to have vowed to complete the first night as the finishing last night to the groom.

If you witness a roadside issue or a traffic indiscipline in Chennai the remedy or redressal is just a click away. Whilst Chennai City Traffic Police had an online complaints section this was like erratic in functioning. Now they have embraced social media with the round the clock grievances monitoring and realtime updates on the traffic scenario in the city. At least I had 10 complaints pending before them waiting for more than an year but the transition to Facebook mode now accelerated addressing of the same.

You can reach the social presence of CCTP here.  If you are stopped by a cop and demanded bribe or other traffic issue, you can quickly reach the traffic discipline cell through the following:


A list of complaints that I had found and transferred to their social media are shared here for ready reference of everyone. As you observe, I use Zoho Sheet for tracking the same.

We have been seen scores of posts on paramour relationships, brides eloping from matrimony house clinging to their parents house with the base objective of shrieking their moral obligations. I would like to share the noble discussion between Smt. Saraswathi (divine consort of Sri Raghavendra) as enacted in the Mahaan serial.

Nowadays even if the bride is cooperating with live peacefully in the matrimonial home, her parents poison her mind with wild speculations either in their over-affection or avaricious greed or reasons best known to them.

I fondly hope if we could see a bride like the one in the attached conversation of Mahaan Serial (Sri Raghavendra Life Story) where she defends her matrimonial home to her parents and upholds our rich heritage. With the blessings of Guru Raghavendra let us hope we get happy families reinstated in our country.

You can check out the video from Vodpod. For those non-tamil speaking folks here is the translation of the conversation.


Saraswathi’s parents are visiting her at matrimonial residence. Saraswathi’s sister-in-law leaves them in private conversation and goes to help in preparing a few refreshments for them.

Saraswathi’s Mother (SM): Come near Saraswathi. How are you?

Saraswathi: I am doing good, mom.

SM: Hope you are without any issues and are happy in your matrimonial home!

Saraswathi: I am perfectly feeling blissful. His brother and sister-in-law are indeed mine. They treat me like a treasured asset. Even if it is my blood-brother I don’t think they would take so much care and focus on me.

SM: If they treat you from the view of a brother and sister-in-law would they dare to be so callous and careless?

Saraswathi: What mom? Why do you talk so rubbish and inebriated?

SM:  How on earth should I talk more diplomatically? If they treat you like their kit and kin would they leave you in a lurch like this?

Saraswathi’s Dad (SD): What the heck are you talking to Saraswathi without focussing on the topic that we had come for?

SM: Shut up. I can not be keep quite seeming my daughter’s plight. My blood-born daughter. My heart is burning. In this tender loving age,  did we give her away in wedlock only to make her suffer in anguish of solitude?

Saraswathi: Mom. What are you trying to convey? Have you decided that ‘I am not happy here at all?’

SD: What to do research and decide in this experiment? Had this been their family daughter would they ever dare to do this?

Saraswathi: Dad. He didn’t go to Sree Matam dancing to anyone’s tunes.

SM: If he wanted to go on a learning spree on Vedas shouldn’t he have the moral obligation of informing the bridal family too?

Saraswathi: Who the heck came and told you that he eloped without my consensus?

SD: Why do you talk on a separatist attitude?

Saraswathi: How in other diplomatic tone do you express me to convey more? Who told you that I am crying on a melancholic tone? The veena that he used is lying around here. The sacred chair that he adored is here. His favorite God resides in this place and spreading positive divine vibrations. To peak everything else, his heart beats in me. He might be physically absent but his memories are omnipotent and all-pervasive here.

The happiness I get here would not be summarily missing at my ex-parental residence. The only thing I would get there is an open hurling of abuses from public — ‘The shameless girl who can not live a peaceful life at her matrimonial home and who does not know to live in harmony with her ethically legitimate spouse.’

Dad. Please pardon me. I beg and plead you that do not solicit and tender request to me inviting you to your home. I can happily wait for any number of ages for my sweet-heart.

SD: You are a little girl. We were deeply disturbed whether these turn of events would have roughly shaken you up and left you in distress amidst incessant tears. That actually drove us crazy and made us to run fast and meet you.

You have grown mature. We are proud to see you with this bright and blooming maturity.

SM: I was apprehensive whether you might be reeling in a deep mental trauma all alone yourself with no one to support/console you and/or extend supportive shoulders.

Nay. I vision got corrected now. Let my son-in-law return whenever he feels so. I am sure your pious devotion to your spouse would get him back faster and fastest to you. Only now the parents heart feel fully satisfied to the brim. Be blessed my child.

SD: So we are starting home now. Good luck my child.


I express my heart-felt gratitude of Sri Raghavendra for His profound and unbound compassion and blessings in helping me translate the conversations into English above. It is again another miracle of knowledge bliss similar to the one He blessed the illiterate poor shepherd in the Adoni samstanam with profound knowledge and got Him as a diwan of Adoni itself.

Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha

The Pammal Vidya syndrome seems to  be moving northwardly just like the cyclonic depressions that lie over Bay of Bengal. The recent ‘Vidya’ is Reshma from New Delhi who plotted along with her paramour Nasir to invite Reshma’s spouse (Rakesh) for a dinner, strangulate him after an excessive alcoholic dose and to dump him in the Yamuna river.

Check out more details from NDTV website here.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (Mr. Muthuvel Karunanidhi) and his team seem to be having proud claims of Chennai being a global city – promising lucrative technology parks, hitech transport systems like Metro Rail, finance city in the offing and all similar to that. Whilst they usher on their day-dreams and progress in the same would they ever stop to realize that their subordinates reporting to them in various cadres of civic administration facilities are turning a deaf year to the denial of basic facilities to the tax-paying citizens of even the fast-developing suburb of Chennai (Pallavaram).

Here is a little humble presentation by the Citizens of East Pallavaram:


You can share your comments on this topic over here or in its related facebook post over here.

The mobile number portability in India seems to be suffering a fourth postponement now. Initially set to start in April 2009 was pushed to September 2009. Then it was set for December 2009 which again got pushed to April 2010. DoT finally set the deadline to October 2010. The reasons for postponement of MNP seems to be very silly when you view across the timeline.

  1. Non-readiness of the telecom operators
  2. Just because of the implementors of MNP has some software business in Pakistan, FIB of Ministry of Finance is skeptical about the security of the implementation.

The real reason is that the larger operators like Vodafone and Airtel are skeptical about they being wiped out post the number portability because of the bad customer trust they have earned over the years and hence they might be significantly contributing in lobbying in the government to delay the implementation.

When the Ministry of Finance compares security issues with Pakistan it has failed to note that Pakistan has successfully implemented the number portability even in 2007 (about three years back).

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