The SIM in RIM is in the brim to get dim

The RIM-driven Blackberry mobiles seems to be in troubled waters these days. A few bullet points about the RIM development are hereunder:

  1. A vision to expand outside the United States because of the slowing growth in United States.
  2. Saudi Arabia has ordered the suspension of Research In Motion Ltd’s BlackBerry smartphone service starting Aug 6, the state run Saudi Press Agency reported, citing the telecommunications authority.
  3. UAE bans blackberry use from August 11
  4. Curtains down for Blackberry show in India very soon

The simple reason for the ongoing downfall of Blackberry, as I deduce are the following:

  1. Non-cooperation of RIM management to the global governments to establish secure communication infrastructure
  2. Multiple (Security) Vulnerabilities in the communication infrastructure.

So next time your manager or some one brandishes a high-tech blackberry gadgets and presents a pompous boast in front of everyone you need to just challenge him with a simple security puzzle — “Are you the local affiliate of Al-Queda?”

Security is everyone’s responsibility. If some one is not cooperating for the global security and worldwide peace solidarity, such vectors would need to be quarantined. We hope RIM brings in a renaissance in their outlook lest the governments across the globe bring in a blackout on the blackberry services.

Mushrooming SEZ Scams — Tagged ‘Solutions’ is more now a Pollutant
The too-much of SEZ culture that has been setup by the UPA realm in India seems to be creating more tussles everywhere than benefit. Today whilst flipping channels, I saw CNN-IBN showing up a high end drama of SEZ scam where lands were allocated in a reckless fashion to builders in order to equip them amassing fast bucks. I am trying to see if I can locate the web version of it and in the melee, I found another article in ‘The New Indian Express over here. There is now a dire need for the state administration in bringing control over these SEZs.
The SEZs also bring with them another peril. Just because they construct one SEZ the road near them is converted into a toll-road which is not acceptable at all. And the toll road is qualified for lighting and amenities only for a few feet at its vicinity and after that distance the road condition is simply deplorable and unmotorable. We could see several instances of these in the following turnpikes (aka) tollgates:
  1. TollGate near Mohammed Sathak College (Sozhinganallur)
  2. TollGate near Chennai One SEZ (Pallavaram – Thorapakkam Radial Road)
Also a number of foulmouthed people are floating fly-by-night enterprises as software companies and financial companies and most of them cling to the bunch of flock in tagging the word as ‘XYZ Solutions’ and hence I thought to share this topic that too much of corrupt solutions is actually serving as a pollution to the ecosystem. The unethical financial solutions enterprises also end-up in violating more laws of land including 420 cases and telemarketing practices. I had to kick one such unethical ‘solution maker’ because the way he used his female staff gave an impression that a trend of ‘flesh trade solutions’ is also being experimented by these dons. This issue had been referred to Home Ministry sometime in December.
Pammal Vidya — Part II
The most recent horror news that is ripping through our regional sections of our newspapers is about a twenty year old woman called Rekha Sweeti who teamed up with her paramour to eliminate her spouse since he was a thorn in her path of adultery. Her pre-marital affairs which continued after marriage was challenged by her husband which enraged her, estranging the relationships and ending up the story with his elimination and resulting in everyone engulfing themselves behind the bars.  More details about this incident here.
This isn’t an isolated incident. Way back about in 2006, there was a similar incident where the bride turned assassin in their otherwise memorable honeymoon trip.  Vidyalakshmi of Pammal near Chennai performed the gruesome cold-blooded murder of her newly married spouse (Anantharaman) just in ten days after the wedlock. More details here.
A few questions to ponder over:
  1. What are these incidents reflecting upto?
  2. What messages are they trying to tell us?
  3. Who is responsible for the steep deterioration of culture in our country like this? We had a rich enviable heritage where the spouse could even follow the Lord of death, challenge Him and get her spouse back to life. You can check the story of Satyavan and Savitri here. From here, we now have incidents where the bride herself is turning as a boisterous bullet to pierce and kill the life partner and in the process of crazy haste and hurry-burry, she is spoiling her own life and burying the happiness of all family too.

Let us introspect a little on what’s gone wrong and where? 

  1. As parents we should be responsible mentors and guidance to our kids. Too much of uncontrolled, uncensored and unmonitored liberty to our kids is dangerous with lurking perils from all quarters.
    I appreciate the greatness of women but we should remember that as per our traditions, a women is bound to enter another family shortly to commence a new generation. Pampering her too much to the extent of discouraging her matrimonial house is going to catastrophically disastrous to everyone.
  2. I appreciate the benevolence and magnanimity of us in extending a sincere love and affection to our female kith and kin. At the same time, we do nurture a most tricky and important responsibility that our freedom is not misused by her even inadvertantly. To use or misuse the freedom is just as simple event as the cat on the wall. The cat can simply jump any side at its own whims and fancies.
    I have one experience regarding a neighbor in my locality. Their daughter is currently pursuing her college course and as usual and as predicted these days, she is seen with her mobile phone as her 24×7 companion. This has become a growing concern to her parents. The other day when I was talking with her mom, she was telling that they have aggressively started to look for an alliance for her, which we call in Tamil as “கால் கட்டு போடறது”. Her mom was of the opinion that if she gets married she would get responsible. But one thing, we (parents) overlook these days is that the responsibility does not come overnight to our daughters. We ought to ensure that our girl children cultivate the responsibility and get good name in the family of her husband. Without reading her heart giving her into a wedlock to a new person when she has already developed a liking for someone would only end up in incidents which we saw in the opening of this post and we would only be having Part III, Part IV etc in a never-ending saga. The bride should also apply some due-diligence thought. If there is something to vent out her anger it is not the innocent third party new person who has got introduced to her life and yet to learn her fully. It is her parents that has chosen him and it is the impotent paramour that was not possessing enough dare to meet her parents to claim her hands.

    As parents, if we don’t like our pet to develop love-relationship, we should have been careful right from the inception and we morally own that onus and responsibility.

    Also these days what we observe is the growing number of wedding dissolutions and broken hearts. There were days when during the marriage the bridal party used to tell their daughter “பாத்து நடந்துக்கோ மா. உன் புக்காதுல நல்ல பேரு வாங்கணும். நீ இனிமே அந்தாதுல குத்துவிளக்கு.” (“Be a good girl in your newly married matrimonial house and get good name from your inlaws. You should time and again prove yourself that you are the treasured asset to their family.”) and we now witness a steep deterioration in this perspective too wherein the bride is unnecessarily and unwarrantedly advised to lure off the groom away into a nuclear family. I would say that this might also be a latent greed of the bridal party that they can clinch and cling upon the daughter’s family piggybacking on them to promote and promulgate their selfish ulterior motives.

    As parents of bride we should ensure that we don’t unnecessarily break another family lest the same shall boomerang sooner or later in our own lineage.

  3. Be it home neighborhood or workplace, unless one cultivates a habit of seeing other girls with the ‘vision of sister’ without taste of lust, nothing is going to improve. The globally accepted ‘Thirukkural’ has a good couplet emphasizing this:
    பிறன்மனை நோக்காத பேராண்மை சான்றோர்க்கு
    அறனொன்றோ ஆன்ற வொழுக்கு.
    Our own Indian Pledge too emphasizes this thought in the first opening sentence itself. There should be a zero tolerance policy in every bit and piece of the land against illicit sexual relationship and assaults in whichever form and kind it manifests across.
    This blogger has been instrumental in many places ensuring the safety of women in multiple places including bringing devilish and harrowing punishments to the offenders. That would continue unabated. We have a great poet in Tamil Nadu who glorified our female fraternity as “மங்கயராக பிறப்பதற்கே நல்ல மாதவம் செய்திட வேண்டுமம்மா” (meaning one should have been blessed greatly to be born as a girl). That was Kavimani Desika Vinayakam Pillai.
At least this new year let us try to ensure the following in spirit:
  1. Avoid looking at our female fraternity (whoever be it) with a false notion.
  2. Be a good parent of our female offsprings. Once she is given in wedlock to another family, she becomes a part and parcel of another family. While I don’t say that we sunder all relationships in toto, at the same time, I would say, we should leave her to lead a prosperous and happy married life. During our sacred wedding, we have promised in front of Lord Agni that we are giving away our daughter as a life partner to another, which we call as ‘Kanyadaan‘. Let us be true to it.
  3. Let us ensure that our wards are growing properly with responsible liberty and monitored attentive environment so that they don’t fall prey to lurking perils of the environment.
It doesn’t mean spam can support floral fantasies and bring in any fragrance to the desktops through the wire …
I have compiled a list of websites that post junk comments across weblogs with just plain words like ‘Nice content’ and a link back to their website. A few of those websites are: [not hyperlinked]
All of them have been posted with the same authorname as ‘Shallu’.
I have been getting at least half a dozen of spam comments fortunately entrapped by Blogger/Wordpress spam engines.  Nevertheless, I just thought of sharing out these websites with other bloggers/readers for the following reasons:
  1. Businesses that try to thrive on free advertising or piggybacking on others for a free ride can not considered trustworthy.
I have reported these domains to Ministry of Information Technology besides the respective registrars too. I admit that without a concrete CAN-SPAM like act to contain spam it is little difficult to completely eradicate these spammers.
The Spam Report of Flower Domains can be viewed from here as PDF.
Misuse of Power and Responsibility
I just thought of sharing out this observation wherein people at least in this part of the country (Chennai) are kind of crazily, aggressively, boisterously fond of misusing the ethical powers vested with them in a significant unethical fashion besides demonstrating a high degree of irresponsibility in upholding their responsibility. Since it is quite a broad topic, I just thought I would touch base on the same through a few incidents which might be acting and substantiating to us as salient succinct examples:
  1. In our most recent post on ‘To Negotiate or to Litigate‘ we covered a topic about a foul-mouthed ill-minded neighbor who was nurturing illwill only to be silenced in a war-footing basis. Using him as a guinea pig, I could deduce one irresponsible person working right in the Inspector General office. This person being a lady was threatening everyone in support of that deranged neighbor to ensure that everyone succumb to his avaricious greedy needs. Not sure whether they had any undertable money exchange or beyond that but that is not part of our discussion. To summarize, this particular lady had misused her power and responsibility being in Chennai City Police to unleash a kind of rowdism in our otherwise peaceful area/apartment.
  2. This again belongs to the same neighbor that we described in (1). One of his daughters seems to have secured employment in a reputed two-letter hardware-cum-software multinational organization based in Chennai. Whilst she had miserably failed in the previous interviews with the same organization, she had to take help of her brother-in-law who was in a more commanding position in the same organization and thus her technical impoverishment and medical challenges including histories of epilepsies have been meticulously suppressed not to mention about a quick bouts of promotions she is found boasting almost every two months. This stands clear of misuse of responsibility given by the organization to an individual to further their advances in the organization.
  3. These days where there is a feeling of insecurity everywhere and the private security folks deployed in many business establishments and task forces deployed by the state police in arterial places like railway stations and temples etc. These people do not care to check the affluent people and/or people from high ranks but when it comes to a poor/common man, they would frisk him to the core till his last droplet of red blood cell and white blood cell. The following are the inferences from these observations:
    1. Misuse of responsibility of the security folks in not checking the affluent thus exposing the otherwise secure area into grave security concerns. What if the affluent guy himself had previously turned into a human bomb and had come to blow off that place? Should the security folks treat everybody on par? They don’t check the affluent in an base attempt to flatter them and advance their career/monetary prospects.
    2. Sometimes the security folks throw off the responsibility to the air and bring in a curiosity in their looks on the various goods that are in the bag and baggage of the visitors. It is not uncommon for anyone arriving from international destinations to airports like Chennai and Mumbai only to witness a few of the goods in the checkin baggage mysteriously missing out (and as a matter of fact they have been forcibly parted as a philanthropic donation to the customs officials at the airport)
We can always get a lot of such incidents in our day-to-day life. There is nothing we can do to totally abolish these. We can only try to be as much proactive as possible to nip off such things in bud, take preventive care so that such things don’t affect us directly in any way and strenghten the fortress of our residence and business from such people.
To Negotiate or To Litigate
I had a glimpse of an interesting decree passed by the judge of Madras High Court passed to SETC in a case filed by them against the Pondicherry government over a land leased to them. The Hindu carried an interesting caption to the judgement as “Court asks SETC to negotiate, not litigate“. I was just thinking that this judgement should be taken as a guideline to a lot of other places as well. This would save a lot of things like avoiding broken relationships, heavy hearts, post-event and posterity tussles of all kinds etc. Besides this approaching court for anything trivia buzz topics is just going to sound amateurish and wasting the judiciary time.
In India, the following are most stupid reasons and cases that waste and take up much of the precious judiciary time:
  • Some crank would file a public interest petition on otherwise what he could have accomplished through the direct channel itself.
  • For petty mundane reasons couples are now knocking the doors of the court to break the sacred nuptial binding. After all, wedlock is so holy and these things should not basically come out of the doors of the house and if it comes to the doors of the court it is very bad besides sounding harsh and looking worse.
  • What Onida claims as ‘Owner’s Pride and Neigbors Envy’ seems to be a befitting point wherein when a neighbor at your workplace or residence can involve in all sorts of gimmicks in interfering with your family affairs proving to be a bottleneck to your growth and when challenged of his misdeeds he would try to maneuver in a mischeivous way using underworld advocates to further leech away benefits from you.  The only foolproof and futuristic way to address these sorts of pranksters has been already discussed in another context over here.
I just thought of sharing here a few other negatives about Indian advocates. I have two experiences with them:
  • Very many years back one of my friend had a property related tussle and in one of the legal notice recieved by him by his opponent had an interesting feature in the legal notice which my friend’s advocate used to challenge them back. The response started like “In accordance with the undated legal notice sent by you on behalf of your client …
  • Very recently in one of the neighbor related issue, we could quash my neighbor’s malicious defaming attempts on the following charges:
    • “Too many spelling mistakes in the response sent by your client to my client in a sampling ratio of 8 mistakes in a sample of 10 words”
    • “The initial interference is seeded by malicious illwill from your clientside”. Interestingly since the neighbor does not have any other thing to lash the whip back, he is now resorting to sending out junk spam like crazy p0rnographic website invitations like, and very recently myfanbox related stuff. I would intentionally reserve discussions on this spam topics to a totally different post to delve into them in a greater depth of discussion. 

I think the courts of the land should make the doors more stronger so that people do not jump into bothering it for such trivia things. People should be more mature in knowing and solving things amicably amongst themselves rather than bothering the courts for anything and everything.

E-Shopping Stores in India
These days when everything can be done through the click of the mouse, shopping is not an exception in anyway. This trend is picking up good in even the small cities of India. I have an experience with the following shopping websites:
  1. IndiaPlaza (previously Fabmall)
  2. Sify Shopping (now powered by IndiaPlaza)
  3. Rediff Shopping
  4. IndiaTimes Shopping
Besides these you can find scores of bigger, medium and small merchants offering their merchandise for their sale through their own websites’ shopping section. A few of them that could be quoted as a good example are:
  1. RMKV (Apparels)
  2. The Chennai Silks
Fabmall has a number of offline stores and business establishments where you can purchase their gift vouchers too and redeem it online. Also they have a very reliable customer service. The newest kid in thier family (Sify Shopping) upholds this tradition too. A few years back they had a Diwali contest which I was also a winner.
IndiaTimes shopping is known for its worst business practices. Some of them below:
  1. A buggy website that throws error messages from time to time like ‘Error executing query’.
  2. Orders canceled without intimation and a prolonged time to refund the amount.
  3. Hidden fine prints for options like Lufthansa Miles that you would need to have so much miles to redeem which they surreptiously use in conjunction with (2) to make you cough out extra bucks out of your wallet.
  4. The feedback/response queries are not replied. Worse yet requests sent via their own feedback form elicit an email delivery failure from their maibox to our inbox.

I just thought of sharing a quick brainstorming view of the eshopping in India and there is a dire need for the state administration to intervene and bring some discipline here too.

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