Had been on a couple of days trip to Trichy over the weekend. Typical pilgrimage spots I visited are Srirangam and Samayapuram. While both are world famous pilgrimage spots the hallmark of both these are one is literally mobbed by beggars seeking alms. Here are the vantage spots near the temples which are occupied by beggars and present themselves as eyesores to tourists and pilgrims besides their unclean state being a health hazard.

I have lodged a complaint to Trichy Corporation for Srirangam vide reference number 5038 and an email request to Mannachanallur Panchayat for Samayapuram.

Vantage Spots Occupied by Beggars:

  1. Rajagopuram (Asia’s largest one is serving as abode of beggars at its entrance)
  2. Bunch of them near each gopuram between Rajagopuram and ‘Ranga Ranga’ gopuram
  3. Bunch of them mobbing public at Ranga Ranga gopuram. This is beside the set of hawkers who trouble you with unnecessary garlands and other items at skyrocketing prices..
  4. Beggars on the pathway between Cloak Roam and Dhanvanthri Sannidhi
  5. Beggars on the pathway between Ramar Sannidhi to Front Part traversing Aayirankal Mandapam
  6. Excessive business flatulence near Sri Ranga Vilas Mandapam
  7. Entrance Arch to Samayapuram Mandapam
  8. Bus Stand in Samayapuram
  9. Shops where pilgrims assemble to purchase garlands and other items are mobbed by beggars

Around eight years back the athiest party of DMK made Pongal as Tamil New Year which was a great setback for the Hindu culture. Thankfully, Jayalalitha led AIADMK government has reversed and voided the ordinance four years back.

But till now, Kalaignar TV is involving in false propaganda during Pongal festivals calling it as New year. Furthermore, Hindu festivals are called as ‘holidays’ in their channel whereas they are called by festival names for non-Hindu observations

Petition sent to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting via MOIAB/E/2016/00252 on 2nd February 2016

We have been seen scores of posts on paramour relationships, brides eloping from matrimony house clinging to their parents house with the base objective of shrieking their moral obligations. I would like to share the noble discussion between Smt. Saraswathi (divine consort of Sri Raghavendra) as enacted in the Mahaan serial.

Nowadays even if the bride is cooperating with live peacefully in the matrimonial home, her parents poison her mind with wild speculations either in their over-affection or avaricious greed or reasons best known to them.

I fondly hope if we could see a bride like the one in the attached conversation of Mahaan Serial (Sri Raghavendra Life Story) where she defends her matrimonial home to her parents and upholds our rich heritage. With the blessings of Guru Raghavendra let us hope we get happy families reinstated in our country.

You can check out the video from Vodpod. For those non-tamil speaking folks here is the translation of the conversation.


Saraswathi’s parents are visiting her at matrimonial residence. Saraswathi’s sister-in-law leaves them in private conversation and goes to help in preparing a few refreshments for them.

Saraswathi’s Mother (SM): Come near Saraswathi. How are you?

Saraswathi: I am doing good, mom.

SM: Hope you are without any issues and are happy in your matrimonial home!

Saraswathi: I am perfectly feeling blissful. His brother and sister-in-law are indeed mine. They treat me like a treasured asset. Even if it is my blood-brother I don’t think they would take so much care and focus on me.

SM: If they treat you from the view of a brother and sister-in-law would they dare to be so callous and careless?

Saraswathi: What mom? Why do you talk so rubbish and inebriated?

SM:  How on earth should I talk more diplomatically? If they treat you like their kit and kin would they leave you in a lurch like this?

Saraswathi’s Dad (SD): What the heck are you talking to Saraswathi without focussing on the topic that we had come for?

SM: Shut up. I can not be keep quite seeming my daughter’s plight. My blood-born daughter. My heart is burning. In this tender loving age,  did we give her away in wedlock only to make her suffer in anguish of solitude?

Saraswathi: Mom. What are you trying to convey? Have you decided that ‘I am not happy here at all?’

SD: What to do research and decide in this experiment? Had this been their family daughter would they ever dare to do this?

Saraswathi: Dad. He didn’t go to Sree Matam dancing to anyone’s tunes.

SM: If he wanted to go on a learning spree on Vedas shouldn’t he have the moral obligation of informing the bridal family too?

Saraswathi: Who the heck came and told you that he eloped without my consensus?

SD: Why do you talk on a separatist attitude?

Saraswathi: How in other diplomatic tone do you express me to convey more? Who told you that I am crying on a melancholic tone? The veena that he used is lying around here. The sacred chair that he adored is here. His favorite God resides in this place and spreading positive divine vibrations. To peak everything else, his heart beats in me. He might be physically absent but his memories are omnipotent and all-pervasive here.

The happiness I get here would not be summarily missing at my ex-parental residence. The only thing I would get there is an open hurling of abuses from public — ‘The shameless girl who can not live a peaceful life at her matrimonial home and who does not know to live in harmony with her ethically legitimate spouse.’

Dad. Please pardon me. I beg and plead you that do not solicit and tender request to me inviting you to your home. I can happily wait for any number of ages for my sweet-heart.

SD: You are a little girl. We were deeply disturbed whether these turn of events would have roughly shaken you up and left you in distress amidst incessant tears. That actually drove us crazy and made us to run fast and meet you.

You have grown mature. We are proud to see you with this bright and blooming maturity.

SM: I was apprehensive whether you might be reeling in a deep mental trauma all alone yourself with no one to support/console you and/or extend supportive shoulders.

Nay. I vision got corrected now. Let my son-in-law return whenever he feels so. I am sure your pious devotion to your spouse would get him back faster and fastest to you. Only now the parents heart feel fully satisfied to the brim. Be blessed my child.

SD: So we are starting home now. Good luck my child.


I express my heart-felt gratitude of Sri Raghavendra for His profound and unbound compassion and blessings in helping me translate the conversations into English above. It is again another miracle of knowledge bliss similar to the one He blessed the illiterate poor shepherd in the Adoni samstanam with profound knowledge and got Him as a diwan of Adoni itself.

Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha

Time and again Srirangam temple has been chosen by atheists as their most choice of attacks under different kinds and creed. This time it comes close to the heels of the legendary traditional and divine practice of Kaisika Ekadasi. One of the temple Joint Commissioner recruited by HR&CE Department of Tamil Nadu seems to be aspiring to promote his atheism in the temple by challenging a few customs of the Kaisika Ekadasi on the grounds of Human Rights Violation (Wolf Cry?)

Pl. join a moment to voice your opinion against such frigging skunky dirty shitty creatures over here.

Points of Contact to Protest:

    Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple,
    Tiruchy – 620 006.
    Tamilnadu, India.
    Tel: + 91- 0431 – 2432246
    Fax: + 91- 0431 – 2436666
    Woraiyur: 0431 – 2762446
    Thiruvellarai: 0431 – 2562246
  2. Commissioners in HR&CE

Complete Details of the Denigration Attempt of JC


V&R whole-heartedly appreciates Vijay TV!!
We whole-heartedly appreciate Vijay TV for its excellent programme this week in ‘Neeya Naana’  against Divorce.  In India, which is predominantly a conservative country, this is not applicable at all. It is an acute social stigma and a curse on the great Indian culture with a rich heritage. I didn’t have an opportunity to view the programme but heard of it from my friends. A friend of mine helped me with a recording of the programme for my personal viewing and sharing the thoughts here for the welfare of the society.

It is really painful step for anyone to break the nuptial binding after the celestial promise taken in front of the Lord Agni and the Sapthapati.  Well! Even for other religions this is true as well.  For Christians,  after having taken  the divine promise and/or  at the church doesn’t it look shameless to ascend the steps of the court to request dissolution of the sacred knot.  The Vijay TV programme came and gave a good and final conclusion to it. We don’t need Madurai type of family or Chidambaram type of family (bridal domination or groom domination) but we would need something like a Thiruchchengodu type family where Lord Shiva and Lord Parvathi bless as Arthanareeswarar.

There are a lot of films that have been produced and directed too projecting that divorce (aka) dissolution of marriage should and would fail at the end. For example, Mouna Ragam by Kavithalaya is a salient example.  I just thought that we should write and encourage Vijay TV to keep retelecasting this programme again and again till every one in the planet realises the brutal folly of dissolving the marriage.

I just thought I would share another interesting contribution from Andy’s FLV Joiner which helped me to merge the independant recordings and view as a single video in my system. Whilst merging the same,  follwoing were the two messages that got displayed:

The join process of individual FLVs each of them being mammoth and big was literally slow indicated by the progress bar and the task manager user of my system which is running low in resources just like me. 🙂 But the sincere efforts of Andy’s FLV joiner payed at the end with the glorious blooming success message “All done”! I sincerely hope that in the similar vien our societies should embrace the  culture of not endorsing or encouraging divorce and the courts/governments should throw this law to the trash.

Pammal Vidya — II (Followup Debate)

I was referred to the post on “Does all husband’s cling to their mom’s saree?” by a couple of Site Alerts and post comments over “Pammal Vidya — Part II“. I appreciate the author of the post (‘Lavanya”) for having ushered into the world of blogs with a radical social renaissance thought on happy marital bondings. My sincere thanks for the same too. I also would share out a quick comment left in my ‘Contact Us’ page through a reader called ‘Nithya Lavanya’ whose text is as below:

i saw your post from views and reviews — my fav authors’. i think it is his huge success that instead of getting comment only his view gave birth to a new blogpost itself. i have little objections on a few points as guided from my own life as my akka is also a senior psychology professor cum practitioner.

how do you expect your hubby to trust you when you dont make up to stand to that point. “Often husband’s does not tell about their salary, expenditure, plans for future etc.,”. no it is we that hide from them and pull them down. “Do not have the attitude that she does not have outside exposure and hence cannot suggest on financial/ other issues. Guys you are in for a shock. Yes, girls can analyse things having the long run in mind and can suggest better ideas that you might not even have thought of in your wildest imaginations. Now-a-days girls have versatility. ” girls are also spendthrift compared to groom. am i right? “last but not the last” is the one you quoted very rudely. the gilr is are recommending him an athiest route which is unpardonable. “Do not consider physical relationship as a taboo. “. the girl should give him that confidence to get up with him. if you wanted such a guy who has a free and flow with sexual relationships then i think that bride would only get a corrupt icon not a brahmachari.

anyways congrats for getting wedded to social champion and i think you too are rocking the blogosphere with radical thoughts. your hubby has mentioned about a good coincidence as lavanya deepak. again this seems to another coincidence. my sister’s name is lavanya and i prefer my email name to by ‘nithya lavanya’ and i love his writings and now yours too. 🙂 May the LD network expand! 🙂 🙂

I just thought I would take a few moments to discuss a few contemptuous points discussed over the other post. Comments are welcome in any of the blog posts. The same would be collated and published for the welfare of the society.

Give respect to your wife’s feelings. The initial period is called as Honeymoon period, but it is definitely not a honeymoon period for the girl. The girl leaves her family and joins her in-laws and husband believing that he would guide her through, understand her feelings and take care of her during the initial phase.

Wife’s are generally not against mother-in-law. It is only when they cause a gap between you two, your wife bursts out. No girl would prefer to break a family in the name of Nuclear family, but when she could not bear the pressure anymore and when she fears that the marriage might get into rocks, she suggests nuclear family. Please sit back, analyse the pros and cons and then decide. Sit with her and if she is wrong, convince her. After all she is your better-half.

I admit that. The girl is new to the matrimonial home. At the same time she brings with a few more responsibilities too:

She is no more connected to her paternal home in any solitude per se. She ought to uphold our rich traditions of inclining herself to the new family morphing and transforming herself into a more treasured asset.  I would say all these gimmick-terms like ‘pressures’ are just visual perceptions arising out of hostile vision of the new entrant. The trick of the life is that how she is able to gracefully transition them into a pleasant spring. After all there is only a spring after a fall. Even the bullet fires forward only after the trigger is pulled backward/depressed hard or little.

Trust her and tell you official / personal issues, achievements etc., Communication is a must in any relationship. Especially in an intimate relationship, frank and open communication is a must. Do not hide things. This leads to distrust. Often husband’s does not tell about their salary, expenditure, plans for future etc., If you understand your wife, she is better than any of your friend and you can safely disclose everything to her. End of the day it is in the interest of your family. Your friend / relative would not be there to take care of you when you are in need, but your wife is the only soul who cares from the bottom of her heart, who lives and dies for you ! Trust her..

Listen.. Patiently listen.. I know that it is tough, but girls love to talk and they love even more when their husband listens to them. You need not act upon whatever they have said, but please listen to her.

Do not lie. Honesty is what a girl would definitely expect in her man. Never ever try to betray her. Smaller lies here and there acting as a friendly teaser is ok, but lies which affects your family is definitely not acceptable.

Trust would need to be bilateral. Unless the bride demonstrates transparency and honesty over a timeframe she can not expect the same back to you. It is a simple pretty plain vanilla logic of the world. The listening needs to be full-duplex too. Attempts of percieved domination can not survive or travel any longer. There have been many instances where such attempts or abetted practices have miserably and/or unfortunately succumbed to broken marital bindings.

Do not question when she calls her parents and speaks. Husband’s general attitude is, if wife is close to her family she will not have affinity towards this new family.

I believe we have covered this thought just a few lines before. The encompassing statements on hurt and emotional, I feel, are just flavored to pepper up the statements and hence I am excluding from the current point of debate/discussion.

Do not have the attitude that she does not have outside exposure and hence cannot suggest on financial/ other issues. Guys you are in for a shock. Yes, girls can analyse things having the long run in mind and can suggest better ideas that you might not even have thought of in your wildest imaginations. Now-a-days girls have versatility. They can speak hours together on politics, sports, financial issues, tax planning, rocket science, tourism… anything under the sun.. So never under estimate her talents.

Try to provide the basic necessities of life. Every home is unique. Try to understand her needs and make her feel at home. I know a family where they never even cared to give the girl an almirah to keep her things, let alone the cot/AC !!!

This statement itself qualifies into a separate post. Nevertheless let me summarize a few observations for the point-of-continued discussions and integrity of the post.

Anyone can speak at length and at depth on any topics. However when it comes to implementation it all involves is passion and involvement. Also here the focus is that spendthrift behavior would also impact planning and needs to be included as one of the significant contributing parameters to the discussion.

Do not consider your wife as a machine running behind money. All they need is love, money is needed for survival but love is needed for peaceful survival. Even if you have transferred all your hard earned assets / money to your mom, please tell it to her. We can earn money if we lose, but trust ? Can u ever gain ur trust back. Sorry, highly impossible.
Men aren’t ATM machines either. 🙂 Also, I appreciate the author for supporting my mention of trust and re-emphasizing it a few lines before.
Mom need not be right always! Please get rid of this notion. Whatever my mom says is right, she would never do harm to me. I have seen some instances wherein the mom had been too selfish, got her son’s assets transferred to her name as soon as the marriage was over. That guy was totally upset owing to this, because he loved that house very much and built it with his hard-earned money. The pathetic scenario was that the home loan was still running. He took a personal loan, closed his home loan, transferred the assets to his mom. He never even bothered to inform his wife, let alone listen to her advise/suggestion! She is an expert in accountancy and tax planning ! He had been so blind that his mom can never do any harm to him. His wife accepted this and told him that she never cares about materialistic luxuries, she cares only about him. Even then the guy could never understand his wife. He is still running behind his mom. We can only pray for the girl.

Do not turn too possessive when a girl talks about her Dad. Girls love their dad and they are their hero. You will realise that when you father a girl child. Even if you slightly resemble her dad, she would fall head over heels for you. Trust me!

Be matured enough and start handling the family responsibilities. You cannot make your mom/dad run for your each and every need. Sometimes it is the mom who spoils her son. My friend’s mother-in-law does not even allow her son to tear the pages of a daily calender. She says – We have never given him any work till now. He is the prince of our family and you too should treat him the same way. god save her!

The author is involving in a weird contradictions in these points. I pray that this should have been in inadvertent manner instead of having committed that deliberately. The author claims that ‘girls are emotional’ in one point whereas in this context she does expect her partner to be devoid of any emotions. I don’t think she married a ‘log of wood’ anyway.

Come home early. I am not insisting you to leave early from work, but please start on time. Upon reaching home, talk to your wife for a few minutes at least. I remember a guy who talks non stop about office/ comedy channels. Talking does not mean only that. Ask her how was the day, did she have food on time, what did the kids do etc.,

Do not be a work-acholic and spend your weekends at office, or blogging in free time at home. Spend Quality time with your wife and children .

Do not try to escape from reality. Do not be a coward. When there is a problem, rise up and face it. Do not hide behind and try to escape. It is disgraceful. As Darwin’s Theory rightly states – It is survival of the FITTEST. If you are not bold enough to take decisions / handle a family, sorry – you can never be a role model to your kids.
The groom does not intentionally stay late at works right? After all in these competitive world businesses see utmost focus and contribution for the advancement of the organization. They equip them with ‘Work from home’ and so-called gadgets like blackberry (or blueberry or strawberry and all those related craps) only for that.

Do not keep blowing your own trumpet. People can’t listen that for long.

This is too broader comment. I would invite the author to delve more finer into qualifying the statement so that the debate can be turned more vibrant (devoid of hostility; sans violence)

Do not consider physical relationship as a taboo. I don’t want to touch this in deep, but guys please understand that this relationship plays a vital role in determining the strength of your marital bond. There is nothing wrong in this. If you are a human being, you ought to have these emotions and must vent out with your partner. Know your wife, understand her. If you have any issues consult a good doctor.

Last but not the least, DO NOT BE TOO SPIRITUAL and take her for a toss. I know a guy who has stuck umpteen number of God and goddess pictures in his bedroom. He does not care to remove them even after elders advice. You cannot be so adamant! You can have trust in God, but you have to take some initiatives. He can only guide you and not do everything for you. Do not keep reciting slogas, visiting temples during week days (evenings) and weekends. You have a family to take care of. Spend time with them. God knows you and he will not punish you for being with your wife!

I have only one advise to share on this, quoting Srimad Bhagavad Gita as a picture. A picture is worth thousand words:
Indiscriminatory typos in place names with demonstrated callous attitude by businesses in Chennai
A while back we had a discussion on fading nameboards. This topic shares the same thought but assumes a little more broader scope in that a few businesses use their prowess and potential to even confuse the general public by changing the names of their places in their own whims and fancies. Bringing them to their kind attention is of no avail since they either underestimate the whole complaint/report or they have done it deliberately and intentionally to advance their sinister objectives.
I have a few sample incidents below:
  1. A quick sample of the various shop nameboards in Pallikaranai can reveal that the place name is spelt differently as Pallikarani and Pallikaranee. They have not spared even the most simple efforts of moving their little fingers to check against the government gazette on the correct name of the places.
  2. The reputed mobile chain store (WaveTel) was aggressively spreading the spelling of Thambaram for ‘Tambaram’ in every advertisement till recently and only now after a lot of hue and cry they have corrected it. Now they have again succumbed to another spell-kill. ‘Rajakilpakkam’ is being spelt as ‘Rajakillpakkam’.

Though you may call ‘What is in a name?’ there are a lot of things attached to a wrong name including confusions for tourists and new ones to a place. The best bet solution is to either consult the government gazette or if there is a railway station in that area, it is best to see what Indian Railways call that. It is an unanimous acceptance across the country to see if Indian Railways has a particular spelling that holds sway over everything else. Interestingly, if we take that for instance, the place where ‘Chennai Airport‘ is located is predominantly spelt as ‘Meenambakkam‘ whereas Indian Railways call it as ‘Minambakkam’

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