The number 9884499759 is involving in reverse telemarketing. Because doing a telemarketing they get caught this number is giving missed call and when we call back they sell their products.

And Vodafone Chennai team is refusing to take action because he is a high net worth customer and losing this customer means losing revenue for them.

If let unchecked this guy will generate a lot of black money for himself in doing illegitimate telemarketing besides ranting his revenge on non-cooperating customers by reverse complaining on them as telemarketers.

CpGrams: DOTEL/E/2017/12200


It is season again for Axis Bank telemarketers. This time on 22nd March 2017 around 4.30 PM,  one Ms. Kavitha called me from 79047 55927 but Truecaller shows the name as Vinodha Jio. She was literally begging to take personal loans because her supervisor is forcing her to do it. Not sure she is being subjected to some kind of trafficking or workplace harassment but that is another story.

Coming back to the main story of Axis Bank Telemarketing in Chennai this latest call incident occured at
22nd March 2017 and 23rd March 2017

Looks like another round of telemarketing menace is budding with Axis Bank Chennai telemarketers.

I am not sure if Shikha Sharma is capable of dealing with her enterprise’ Chennai operations? I would suggest her to either quit or wind up the banking operations in Chennai because she doesn’t seem to be having a good control in this region.

And whenever an issue with Axis Bank telemarketer is escalated to you, the Chennai operations seem to be bribing the local law enforcement and making them to call us threatening us to withdraw the complaint so that they can continue their business as usual. Last year three police sub-inspectors were caught red handed doing this. Their names are: 1) Dhanasekaran (2) Anandan and (3) Purushottaman along with anonymous person who was introducing himself as an advocate for Axis Bank Chennai operations.

A copy of the report is sent to the following via CpGrams:

  1. Department of Financial Services (Banking) DEABD/E/2017/08657
  2. Government of Tamil Nadu regarding alleged irregularity with their police department GOVTN/E/2017/00801
  3. Office of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to take into account considering law and order breakage in one of the states whose capital city is competing to be smart city candidate. PMOPG/E/2017/0170588
  4. Department of Telecommunications FYI DOTEL/E/2017/09598

Additional Reading:

  1. Suspicious Central Government Job Recruitment address verification through Police Department
  2. Reporting a telemarketing call on @AxisBank auto invites fake inquiry calls from local law enforcements

We all know that bull-fighting has been banned by the Apex court (The Supreme Court of India) following petitions from animal welfare activists across the world. Despite this, a section of people in Avur village of Pudukkottai district in the state of Tamil Nadu  has engaged in setting up a bull fight along with New year celebrations. A few people have also started sharing this as a victory message in running the sport in Whatsapp. The message has been reported to Government of Tamil Nadu vide petition number GOVTN/E/2017/00007.

The message that was captured by the editorial is below:


Whenever I get a telemarketing call from a bank they say ‘Based on your relationship status …’. At times we might be confused on what types of relationships we had/have. If it is US we can look up for a credit report and savings bank reports operated from third parties. However since CIBIL applies only to credit cards I just thought how about requesting each bank a relationship summary. I had mentioned that the summary should include all closed and active relationships hitherto. This would ensure that no PII has been inadvertently misused by telemarketers/DSA/TSA.
Request sent on 21st December 2016
Here is the status as of now:
  1. Indian Bank. Got a spreadsheet from the branch in 2 days after IndCustomerFirst desk reminded the branch after a day.
  2. ICICI Bank. Responded in three days with an excel sheet in the most recent email address they had on records.
  3. Axis Bank. Other than an auto-responder no response yet.
  4. HDFC Bank. Totally no response.
  5. Standard Chartered. Borrowed ‘Additional Working Days’ two times and waiting for response.
  6. Central Bank of India (After 10 Days)


  7. Citibank. Borrowed ‘Additional Five Working Days’ today.  And after a long delay of 12 days  scribbled the below response on 2nd January
  8. IndusInd Bank. Totally no response.

Can this be taken as a measurement of transparency possessed by these banking organisations?

On 28th March 2016 V&R forwarded the following report on Reliance Mobile to DoT via CpGrams (DOTEL/E/2016/10176):


Dear Team,

Around an year back I surrendered my Reliance USB based connection and took a Wi-Fi based connection at Virugambakkam Reliance Store (Reddy Street). I did it four days before billing date.

However the store guys, I suspect did not enter my cash into the ledger and now they are asking me to pay that amount again and also the amount for new billing month.

They are also harassing me despite me being a senior citizen.

Furthermore, I am getting fake calls from unscrupulous agencies posing as advocates and auditors representing Reliance offices.

Thanks and Regards,

Vighnesh KV


The response from Reliance on 4th April 2016 is indicated below:


On 14th March 2016, I reported the following issue to Vodafone via CpGrams (DOTEL/E/2016/08552):


Dear Team,

During the period of 2013-14 I had two Vodafone Maharashtra connections.

  1. xxxxx50796 — (ported out later to Airtel)
  2. xxxx — Do not remember this data card number.

I would like to know this number for my records.

Kindly help. Customer care is not able to help out.

Thanks and Regards,

Deepak Vasudevan


The response from Vodafone on 7th April 2016 was as below:


Kindly refer to your grievance registered under the above docked number. The said grievance was forwarded to the concerned service provider who has intimated that.: We have requested customer to provide the SIM card number to trace the Maharashtra-Goa circle’s data card number.


When we do not have the most used 10 digit mobile number how does Vodafone expect to remember beguile 15 digit SIM numbers? And taking around a month to resolve a simple query is not a nice way to go to.

On 15th September 2014 I reported the following issue to Ministry of Internal Security via CpGrams regarding callous behavior of Pune Police Control Room.
Team, I had to call 100 (Police Control Room) on Saturday because my wallet was apparently pocket-picked and I had to locate a nearest police station to file a complaint on the same and furnish the copies to my banker, credit card institution, IT department (For PAN Card etc). First for two to three calls, no one picked up calls in the Control Room. Then some one called me. She could not converse in English or Hindi and could talk in vernacular Marathi only. When I managed to convey her I needed the nearest police station she told that she does not have info and I need to check with a local autorickshawwala and they would guide to the nearest police chowki. Shame on these people and control room. Thanks and Regards, Deepak Vasudevan
And today (14th April 2016), I got the following response from them:
The grievance pertains to omission/ commission by police, which are self explanatory in nature as action on the same is to be taken by the State Government. Forwarded to Secretary (Home), Maharashtra.
Number of days taken to attend to the Grievance: 577 days (1 years and 7 months)


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