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Recently I had a request for balances transferred from xxx0796 and xxx6014 to xxx7856. Just two months ago I had a similar request and they completed but this time they were citing flimsy reasons each time and postponing it.  Some of the various reasons each executive was giving was
  1. System is not working. We will call later
  2. Need to convert to postpaid for this facility
  3. There is no such facility.
  4. Previous request was done as a one time gesture
After a hiatus of 3 weeks they told me to do as multi-transactions myself using star 141 hash and then they will reimburse the charges. The total service charges which I had paid is 101 but now they have started to crib telling citing the following set of flimsy reasons
  1. Both the transferor numbers are ported out and hence the history is deleted. So unable to verify the balance records
  2. We do not have any such confirmation
  3. There is no such facility
  4. Please visit a store for the same. (And when the store is visited they are asking to write to backend)

A note has been filed with Department of Telecommunications vide DOTEL/E/2019/12639

Considering the plight of passengers struggling to move between CMBT Omni Bus Stand and CMBT Terminus we sent a petition to MTC Bus asking if they could arrange for shuttles between these termini. They have clarified that there are time bound services between these points and could be leveraged by passengers. The response is shared here for the benefit of everyone.


A while back we took steps to report about the highly discouraging trend of Axis Bank ignoring telemarketing complaints  and also their regional operations involving in shady acts like engaging touts to threaten complainants. To this one of the official commented me as ‘The customer is a frequent complainant’. We took a strong note of the same and escalated it back to Department of Financial Services (Banking Division) and we got the response from Nodal Officer indicating that the officer who responded that comment was in fact wrong in doing so. Here are the narrations.

We hope corporates ensure their employees exericise due care of how to express themselves in public because their gestures often end up embarassing everyone.

12857_offensiveremark 18438_condemn responsefromaxisbank

On 28th March 2016 V&R forwarded the following report on Reliance Mobile to DoT via CpGrams (DOTEL/E/2016/10176):


Dear Team,

Around an year back I surrendered my Reliance USB based connection and took a Wi-Fi based connection at Virugambakkam Reliance Store (Reddy Street). I did it four days before billing date.

However the store guys, I suspect did not enter my cash into the ledger and now they are asking me to pay that amount again and also the amount for new billing month.

They are also harassing me despite me being a senior citizen.

Furthermore, I am getting fake calls from unscrupulous agencies posing as advocates and auditors representing Reliance offices.

Thanks and Regards,

Vighnesh KV


The response from Reliance on 4th April 2016 is indicated below:


I reported the following on 21 May 2014 to Ministry of Information Broadcasting via CpGrams (MOIAB/E/2014/00554):


Dear Team,

We would need you to look into some of the unethical business practices of Videocon Cable. Currently our guest house is serviced by Videocon cable. I have the following complaints on Videocon cable. Calling the customer is no use and there are no attendants at any point of time. Emailing them some junk dumbass would call you after two days but just bluntly disconnect the call and after halfa day another dumbass would appear in person just to shake the STB box up and down once and then asking 150 to 200 rs. as a visiting service charge.

The visiting person would not even have the ID card and even will not give a proper receipt of the same. The channel numbers also keep changing frequently without any proper reasoning and/or announcement. Since the caretaker of the guest house is not tech-savvy, it becomes easy for those conmen to mischievously con them.

Thanks and Regards,



Response from Bharat Business Channel of Videocon D2H on 7th April 2016 is enclosed below:


Petition Number: DTOUR/E/2014/00259


SeaBird tourists (which is operated by ITDC, a wing of Ministry of Tourism) runs its services after hectic delays. Almost every bus is operated at least by 30 to 40 minutes (and sometimes 2 hours delay). The crew is also very unfriendly and sometimes hostile. They scold the passengers when demanded reason for delay. There is no efficient way to reach some one as to where is the vehicle when waiting at the road side pickup points at odd times. Kindly look into the same and fix the issues forthwith. Thanks and Regards, Deepak Vasudevan

Response from Ministry:

We have taken the matter with M/s Sea Bir Tourists Centre to avoid recurrence of such incidents in future. Reply letter No. SEC:CPGRMS:2014 dated 26.09.2014

We have been observing throughout Chennai that the Metro rail construction is delayed very much and also stiffly inconveniencing the people. V&R has pioneered to take this and represent to the PMO office who has directed Chennai Metro Rail and Ministry of Urban Development besides Government of Tamil Nadu to take corrective actions immediately.

PMO Petition Number: PMOPG/E/2015/0039552

Dear Sir/Madam, The current Metro Rail construction in Chennai by CMRL is having a number of major accidents. Recently it took toll of life of a young software engineer in Pallavaram near OTA. And two days ahead a cab was badly damaged by poorly fit iron rod right in front of Airport. See news URL Furthermore, Metro is also not properly laying the roads after digging. Even in the areas like Alandur there is no proper subway or directions to the subway to cross the streets. Can you kindly look into the issues and get pertinent teams to do corrective actions forthwith? Thanks, Deepak Vasudevan

Response from PMO:

Chennai Metro Rail Project is being implemented by CMRL, the suggestion of the applicant has been forwarded to CMRL for future compliance.

Copy of Directive Sent:


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