When we put a complaint to BSNL in CpGrams (


) and there are a bunch of points the response from BSNL are hallmarked by a few points. At times there are false  information too. Adding to it there is a large gap between the date of posting and date of receipt of the response.

One such recent example is:

Report: (Posted in January)

Dear Team, The implementation of 1909 is very faulty with BSNL Mobile. 1) Calling and registering a report is tedious as to get the operator in line. 2) Sending a SMS to 1909 just gets the message back that a unique service registration number will be sent but the number is never sent meaning the UCC reports are never registered at all. 3) Registering with Customer Care portal is of no avail because the reports are closed as ‘Attended’. Furthermore if I have three telemarketing numbers to report, I can only register once. Please help. Thanks and Regards, Deepak Vasudevan

Response: (Receipt in March)

The grievance has been attended, resolved and confirmed from the BSNL Call Centre that the Mobile Number 9423947856 is registered for DND. Requested to inform, if any Telemarketing Call Number is provided to the BSNL Call Centre necessary Complaint will be registered in the Providers Customer Preference Register, PCPR. The Complainant has been informed and he is satisfied. SDE PG, Chennai Telephones has spoken to the complainant on 9423947856 and informed the same on 10.03.2016 at 16.20 Hrs.

What do you think of such a callous scribbling undersigned by SDE (Chennai Telephones)?