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It is season again for Axis Bank telemarketers. This time on 22nd March 2017 around 4.30 PM,  one Ms. Kavitha called me from 79047 55927 but Truecaller shows the name as Vinodha Jio. She was literally begging to take personal loans because her supervisor is forcing her to do it. Not sure she is being subjected to some kind of trafficking or workplace harassment but that is another story.

Coming back to the main story of Axis Bank Telemarketing in Chennai this latest call incident occured at
22nd March 2017 and 23rd March 2017

Looks like another round of telemarketing menace is budding with Axis Bank Chennai telemarketers.

I am not sure if Shikha Sharma is capable of dealing with her enterprise’ Chennai operations? I would suggest her to either quit or wind up the banking operations in Chennai because she doesn’t seem to be having a good control in this region.

And whenever an issue with Axis Bank telemarketer is escalated to you, the Chennai operations seem to be bribing the local law enforcement and making them to call us threatening us to withdraw the complaint so that they can continue their business as usual. Last year three police sub-inspectors were caught red handed doing this. Their names are: 1) Dhanasekaran (2) Anandan and (3) Purushottaman along with anonymous person who was introducing himself as an advocate for Axis Bank Chennai operations.

A copy of the report is sent to the following via CpGrams:

  1. Department of Financial Services (Banking) DEABD/E/2017/08657
  2. Government of Tamil Nadu regarding alleged irregularity with their police department GOVTN/E/2017/00801
  3. Office of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to take into account considering law and order breakage in one of the states whose capital city is competing to be smart city candidate. PMOPG/E/2017/0170588
  4. Department of Telecommunications FYI DOTEL/E/2017/09598

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The most common disgusting sight in MTC buses that are plying in Chennai is the disgusting advertisements that are struck in most of the windows. We submitted a petition to Government of Tamil Nadu (GOVTN/E/2016/03014) on the same as below on 22nd December 2016.

Dear Team, MTC has a very good quality buses compared to any other transport corporation in the country. However a lot of buses are suffering from unauthorized bill sticking like 100% job assurance, medicines for private illness etc. There is a good way to solve this. 1) Only if there is an empty slot, these unruly people will try to take advantage of it. How about leasing those spaces to advertisers. For example, if you look BMTC Bangalore they have good painting advertisements from Telangana tourism which makes the bus beautiful and free of such advertisements. 2) Most of the advertisements have phone numbers mentioned and it should not be very difficult to narrow down on the culprits and file a heavy penalty on them for defacing the buses. Kindly look into the same and save our valuable MTC assets. Thanks, Deepak

The response from Metropolitan Transport Corporation on 25th January 2017 is as below.

With reference to the above, it is informed that already MTC prohibited unauthorized pasting of hand bills/ stickers on buses. In this regard, warning stickers as stated below is pasted in all MTC buses to prevent unauthorized pasting of stickers. ” MTC பேருந்தில் துண்டு பிரசுரங்கள்/நோட்டீஸ் ஒட்ட தடை விதிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. மீறுவோர் மோ.வ.ச.1988, பிரிவு 182-A மற்றும் (109)-ன் படி ரூ.1,000/- முதல் ரூ.5,000/- வரை அபராதம் செலுத்த நேரிடும்” MTC is removing then there if any hand bills/stickers pasted on buses and also taking legal action against them and collected penalty. Inspite of that some unidentified persons are continuing to deface the buses. Moreover, the display of advertisement on the buses is being done according to the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicle Rules 1989. Vide Lr.No.39011/A2/Advt.Rev/MTC/10, Dated.18.01.2017.

During our recent dine in at a Dominos Pizza stores in the IT corridor of Chennai we found that a duplicate service tax entry is being added. Though it a zero amount the billing line items are very ambiguous. The tellers were not able to justify the same. Hence have raised this issue to Department of Sales Tax via PMO, Dominos Social Media team for their comments as well dropping a note to their corporate house.


We all know that bull-fighting has been banned by the Apex court (The Supreme Court of India) following petitions from animal welfare activists across the world. Despite this, a section of people in Avur village of Pudukkottai district in the state of Tamil Nadu  has engaged in setting up a bull fight along with New year celebrations. A few people have also started sharing this as a victory message in running the sport in Whatsapp. The message has been reported to Government of Tamil Nadu vide petition number GOVTN/E/2017/00007.

The message that was captured by the editorial is below:


We forwarded the following suggestion to NHAI on 21st December 2016 vide CpGrams MORTH/E/2016/03975

Dear Team,
I was browsing through Automated Toll Collection and found out that ICICI is offering a service called FastTag which emits RFID at toll plazas and automatically pays the toll without the vehicle need to stop over.
I would like to recommend this to NHAI to give it more publicity and perhaps you can make it ad supported in order to remove the initial fee which will further incentive and make more people adopt it.
That way vehicles will go non-stop, toll plazas will become no-cash and payment will be all-automatic.
For the benefits mentioned in the previous paragraph, I would like to submit this suggestion.
Thanks and Regards,
Deepak Vasudevan
The response that came today from the ministry is found attached.

Tamil Nadu is going for elections today. V&R takes this opportunity to remind everyone to head on to their designated polling station (aka) voting booths and exercise your franchise.

Election Commission of India has a free SMS number called 1950 to which if you send your voter id, it will give you the designated polling booth.

Some points to note:

  1. Your vote is not for sale. If a party offers something bribe or tries to ferry you to a polling booth, report them to the election commission. Reporting to law enforcement is of no use because most police folks work hand-in-hand with corrupt politicians.
  2. If you are not satisfied with any of the candidates, choose NOTA in the polling machine.
  3. If your organization is not giving you time and/or holiday to exercise your franchise report to Labor Department and to Election Commission. It may be that your manager/supervisor has an unholy nexus with politicians making you to boycott the election and use your name to cast bogus votes. Stop them from doing that.

Let us give 100% voting. Even if candidates are unfit in the constituency, there is the most fitting candidate in every constituency. NOTA.

On 28th March 2016 V&R forwarded the following report on Reliance Mobile to DoT via CpGrams (DOTEL/E/2016/10176):


Dear Team,

Around an year back I surrendered my Reliance USB based connection and took a Wi-Fi based connection at Virugambakkam Reliance Store (Reddy Street). I did it four days before billing date.

However the store guys, I suspect did not enter my cash into the ledger and now they are asking me to pay that amount again and also the amount for new billing month.

They are also harassing me despite me being a senior citizen.

Furthermore, I am getting fake calls from unscrupulous agencies posing as advocates and auditors representing Reliance offices.

Thanks and Regards,

Vighnesh KV


The response from Reliance on 4th April 2016 is indicated below:


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