A while back we discussed about nuisance calls from Axis Bank. Not even a month passed but the start of March another telemarketing menace started from there. Here are the activities (compiled from the emails sent to them).

4th March 2016

Some one called from Axis Bank from the number +91 99520 42439 today at 4th March 2016 12:58 hours and was trying to move some sensational thoughts regarding withdrawing complaints. Again the caller did not introduce herself comfortably.
I don’t understand why I should budge, forgive and forget for the recurring repeated nasty issues like reckless calling on behalf of your DSAs. A while back I had an interesting write on Axis Bank’s perspective on telemarketing over here https://viewsreviews.wordpress.com/2016/01/29/axis-bank-the-princess-of-telemarketing/ and it seems the much adored title ‘Princess of Telemarketing’ befits Axis Bank very much.
CpGrams: DEABD/E/2016/02585

I am in receipt of a text message from +91 99520 42439 (4th March 2016 13:04 hours) and TrueCaller smartly captured it as a Spam Message because of its affiliation to Axis Bank. It was followed by the caller (Ms. Bhavani) who is asking me to write to the following two persons:
  1. crosssell.chennai@axisbank.com
  2. sunilkumarkolagatla@gmail.com
I am not sure who are these latter two. I think if the second guy is also involving GMail in this aggressive telemarketing which also construes as a violation of its Terms of Service https://www.google.com/mail/help/terms_of_use.html
CpGrams: DEABD/E/2016/02588

Analysis of Axis Bank Operations

The problem with Axis Bank is that the promises and assurances are written on water. Down the line the email chain says a report dated in January. But after a month again this pesky nuisance is starting. I suspect whether the system administrators are formatting the drives and hence the NDNC lists are erased?

A recorded conversation dated around 28th June 2015 with Relationship Manager, Murugesan of Radhakrishnan Salai, Chennai [his phone number 9790906735] reveals more shocking things. The conversation is in Tamil is in MP3 format here.
  1. They do not have a distinction between Transactional Alerts and Tele-Calling.
  2. They do not know difference between Telemarketing from outside outsourced and insiders. If from insiders, by Axis Bank policy, it does not seem to be tele-calling.
  3. Delayed activation of Savings account even if through escalation is a ‘process’ for them.
  4. Passport is not a valid identification document for them in verifying customer id and generating report.
  5. CustomerID concept per customer is not properly defined. They have a very ambigous flow and can lead to rampant misuse/corruption

Axis Bank has published a URL http://www.axisbank.com/download/IBA_Model_Code_of_Conduct_for_Direct_Selling_Agents.pdf and it is succinctly clear that DSAs are in violation of multiple sections of this article.


In the middle of email chain below I have mentioned that the tele-caller wanted me to write to sunilkumarkolagatla@gmail.com. I was doing a bit of Internet Research on this person and found out that they do not seem to be a legitimate Axis Bank staff but some 3rd Party in Kodambakkam. Pertinent details are enclosed hereunder. And they do not seem to be a registered telemarketers as well meaning as per TRAI all their telecom resources need to be disconnected at once.

We have roped in the belowsaid panelists to look into the reckless telemarketing menace unleashed by Axis Bank branches in Chennai.

  1. Anubhooti Negi (Anubhooti.Negi@axisbank.com)
  2. Compliance Department (compliance@axisbank.com)
  3. Garima Arora (garima.arora@axisbank.com)
  4. Joseph Mathew (Joseph.Mathew@axisbank.com )
  5. Kalyani Thota (Kalyani.Thota@axisbank.com )
  6. Nisha Raikar (Nisha.Raikar@axisbank.com)
  7. Nodal Team (nodal.officer@axisbank.com)
  8. Suhas Kandalgoankar (Suhas.Kandalgaonkar@axisbank.com)
  9. Tanay Sinha (Tanay.Sinha@axisbank.com)
  10. PG Cell (walter.augustine@axisbank.com)
  11. Zafar Imam (Zafar.Imam@axisbank.com)
  12. Axis Bank Cross Selling (crosssell.chennai@axisbank.com)
  13. Accused Telemarketing Associate (sunilkumarkolagatla@gmail.com)
  14. Google Abuse (abuse@google.com)
  15. Shikha Sharma (shikha.sharma@axisbank.com )
  16. Prasad Menon (prasad.menon@axisbank.com)
  17. Samir Barau (samir.barua@axisbank.com)
  18. Som Mittal (som.mittal@axisbank.com)
  19. Sanjeev Misra (sanjeev.misra@axisbank.com)
  20. Rohit Bhagat (rohit.bhagat@axisbank.com )
  21. Usha Sangwan (usha.sangwan@axisbank.com)
  22. Rakesh Makhija (rakesh.makhija@axisbank.com)
  23. Ketaki Bhagawathi (ketaki.bhagwathi@axisbank.com)
  24. Babu Rao (babu.rao@axisbank.com)
  25. Office of the Managing Director (managing.director@axisbank.com )
  26. Office of the Finance Secretary (ambuj.sharma38@nic.in)
  27. Department of Financial Services (ea-dfs@nic.in)
  28. RBI
  29. TRAI

Previous Complaints:

  1. DEABD/E/2016/00068 dated 3rd January 2016