A Role Model Internet Cafe

Yesterday I had an opportunity to visit an Internet Cafe near Anna Nagar RoundTana, which is about a stone-throw distance from the legendary Chintamani. I had to use quick services of the Internet Cafe to take some printouts. Some of the cool features I observed over the Internet Cafe are the following:

Name: Square Brothers Information Technologies

Besides normal internet browsing services, they are also offering affordable web hosting services. Besides, a few good things that impressed me was:

  1. Closed Circuit Camera monitoring so that chances of abuse and misuse of the center are minimized or avoided.
  2. Good Ambience
  3. The reception desk system is locked from any Internet Access other than their own websites since normally these Internet parlour personnel do all sorts of mischief given the unrestricted amount of time, they get to spend there.

However, a little to more negative points to mention are the local low profile guys were out there attending the reception desk. A few names I could recall are Siva and Vinodh. But I felt that this one and the other reputed stores in T. Nagar like Saravana Stores try to save penny by using such low profile guys which also saves them from costly fraud attempts besides passing on the cost benefits to the end-customer. Perhaps a uniquely distinct marketing strategy.