HDFC Banks Systems Contributing to Aiding In Thier Booty Spree?

The latest trend that I observed from various consumers of private banks in India regarding our case study on ‘Private Banks — Banking for the Booty‘ is that on the pretext of human errors and technical errors they have started to fleece the customers. Two incidents have been reported in our Consumer_Voice_India yahoogroups.

  1. A customer deposited INR 12000 into a Mumbai branch of HDFC Bank. The credit was 1200. The trailing zero was missing. On reporting, they smilingly apologized in the afternoon and corrected it seems. What is the need of the smile there? It is a gruesome horrendifying error tuning to more than INR 10000 right? Check out the narration here.
  2. A customer made a payment of iNR 12351 to a loan account. A credit was done for 351 and a penalty for nonpayment of INR 12000 was slapped to his account and notice was sent to him. Check out the narration here.

Two technical issues:

  1. HDFC Computer systems are fond of string operations in Consumer’s Accounts and Figures. In one instance it performs .Trim(), .TrimEnd() and in the other case, it performs .TrimStart().

Would the apex bank look into it earliest before the issue becomes worse?