Fences invading into the kingdom (Veliyae Payirai Meindhal Vilayvadhu Eppadi)

Views and Reviews makes an humble start in its investigation. With this world of proven calamities, strikes, hartals and more, Views and Reviews has got a cue to write about the security business.

Everyone needs security in this world not just the VIP and the VVIP class cadre right. Everyone’s life is important and is a most valuable asset. My school correspondent used to tell during the morning prayers that “We do not have any rights to destroy a product which we have not created”. The salient example he used to give is that chalk pieces whould be strewn all over sometimes. He openly took one chalk piece and shouted at the top of his voice that nobody knows how to create this chalk piece and how the hell we got the rights to destroy it. Well. This story is to briefly describe about the essence of creation and protection sans destruction.

In the current world of total insecurities and disasters throughout, every business house ushers in to protect its employees’ and assets in most ways possible. City and District administration takes the most onus of securing thier people. And as usual, to make the most best of the same, we have specializations in the process of securities too. We have specialized agencies and organizations providing top notch security people, who are ready to lay down thier life to protect others, for which they are being designated to.

But are these security agencies and police forces as committed as they are? With so much tiered organizational structure within these bodies themselves, how effective these are?  At least with respect to Chennai, there seems to a very big no.

Before going into a full-length research discussion on this, let us go through in a nutshell some of the very significant observations, that are directly visible even to the casual visitor. And hence this caption “Fences Invade the Kingdom”. Actually, this is based on a Tamil proverb “Veliyae Payirai Meindhal Vilayvadhu Eppadi“. The literal meaning of this would “If the fence itself is going to graze and raze the paddy field, where on earth do you expect a rich and bountiful harvest?”.

  • Most important gateway area of Chennai (Tambaram). But here you can see scores of auto fellows literally involving in all types of nuisances ranging from fleecing the passengers in extorting sky rocketing rates to eve teasing menaces. There are patrol polices and beat constables only to be mute puppet spectators.
  • All high-tech areas like in Spencer Plaza by Mangal Tirth foundations have almost white-collar styled security agencies. But do these so-called supervisors really care about whether thier field staff is functioning properly. There was one incident in the broadest of the limelight when the so-called security agency supervisor brandishing the name of a famous development agency, caught red-handed when he was jollifying some college girls sitting on his bike, while his field staff was just involving in chit-chatting without caring about his duty — direct and regulate entry of vehicles and synchronized and streamlined parking.
  • Blatant signal disobedience in Sardar Patel Road (Adyar Junction) causing traffic discipline going astray, vehicles and pedestrians running amuck, causing haphazard accidents as a regular feature. Check out this post for more details.
  • Large scale traffic chaos in Velacherry Bus Terminus and Velacherry Checkpost.  I think, we can nominate Velacherry for the “World’s Invincible Traffic Indiscipline” in the http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/. All with the support and blessings of the traffic cops in Velacherry.

I humbly hope, that Chennai Metropolitan Police and State Administration would raise from thier slumber to see that the security and law enforcement agencies are on the toes to have the state as a role model of best law and order maintenance.