February 2019

Today one of my colleague was almost plagued by continuous bombardment of unsolicited commercial communication (UCC) from Axis Bank personal loans. On asked why she did not register in NDNC she was telling that Axis Bank asked her to unregister from NDNC because once on NDNC, OTP also will not come.

Axis Bank is misguiding citizens over the line of demarcation between TRANSACTIONAL COMMUNICATION (OTP etc) vs PROMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION (Personal Loans, Investment Solicitation etc) and getting more people as vulnerable targets so that they can be preyed upon by their unethical telecallers.

Appreciate if RBI takes some steps to enforce ethical business practices in the operations of Axis Bank.

I do not have much affinity to so-called serials. Today accidentally when flipping channels on my remote got an opportunity to have a brief glimpse of Kalyana Veedu in SunTV. A few of the scenes were very offensive with respect to Indian culture and seems to be tilting our legislation towards giving an undue preference to a particular gender.

The narration in today episode goes like this. A girl seemed to have created a fake rape and molestation on her by an industrialist because she seemed to have nurtured a kind of one-sided infatuation for him. There seems to have been string of incidents that she has staged on him resulting in mental, financial and other forms of torture for him making all his and her relatives coerce him to marry her yielding to her fake claims. Right before the marriage she even insulted the temple priest because he wanted it to be conducted religiously but she wanted to get the yellow thread tied first and then rituals performed. Towards this she uttered expletives on the sacred process of Hindu wedding claiming that there is a propitiation process for everything and hence the priest need to hear what she dictates. In one shot the episode has successfully staged a denigration attempt on Hindu wedding procedures and the holy Saath Vachan besides indirectly encouraging women to mobilize the sympathetic view of them as weaker sex to accomplish their objectives. In a way it also seems to be supporting polyandry which is prohibited by Hindu Marriage Act.

There has been a similar episode a few years ago in another serial called Thendral where a character called Charu does quite similar to this girl targeting the good natured character Tulasi.

I would like Ministry of Information Broadcasting to take particular cognizance of such serials and reprimand such badly portrayed episodes which are damaging the fine fabric of our society.

A copy of this petition has been submitted to the Ministry vide MOIAB/E/2019/00754