April 2017

Recently we found an issue of rampant smoking near a tea stall in Ambattur Industrial Estate. We have tried to bring the same to the kind attention of TNPCB. However about a month later the response from the department says it does not fall within their purview, it is a public nuisance case and needs to be looked by state police department.

The state police department was not able to be reached as of publishing this note.

CpGrams: GOVTN/E/2017/00646


The number 9884499759 is involving in reverse telemarketing. Because doing a telemarketing they get caught this number is giving missed call and when we call back they sell their products.

And Vodafone Chennai team is refusing to take action because he is a high net worth customer and losing this customer means losing revenue for them.

If let unchecked this guy will generate a lot of black money for himself in doing illegitimate telemarketing besides ranting his revenge on non-cooperating customers by reverse complaining on them as telemarketers.

CpGrams: DOTEL/E/2017/12200


Standard Chartered Bank Adyar Branch is making fake calls and branding the caller on the name of iCICI Bank (Adyar).

Yesterday evening I received a call from

+91 44 6454 0113 (missed at 0935 AM and 0733 PM)

(recieved at 0814 PM and introduced as Mr. Dhakshinamoorthy Branch Manager of SCB Adyar Chennai)

However the TrueCaller Identity shows as ICICI Bank Adyar Loan.


Looks like by shifting the number identity to ICICI, SCB is attempting to perpetrate massive financial fraud in the city.

CpGrams: DEABD/E/2017/10578