April 2017

We have been observing that for the past few months the route number 70C from Chennai CMBT to Mambakkam via E Tambaram had not been operating. We requested clarification from the transport department vide GOVTN/E/2017/00403 as below.

Dear Team,

There is either a steep deficiency of bus frequency 70C (CMBT – Mambakkam) via Tambaram. Most of the current 70C terminate at Tambaram West. There used to a Mambakkam route extending from Tambaram through Camp Road. These days the bus is not operating.

Kindly re-operate this bus and increase the frequency of the same please.

The response from transport corporation on  27 April 2017 is as below.

Due to poor patronage the Route No.70C Extn (CMBT – Mambakkam) route was modifited and it is not feasible to restore again. Also due to operational constraint, it is not feasible to extend the route from tamabaram to Mambakkam. In metropolitan city operation, it is not possible to connect each and every place by direct services. Lr.No.120/22050/TRG3/MTC/2017. Dated.19.04.2017.

Today I visited Anna Nagar (W) Extension Post Office next to HP Petrol Bunk and Ambattur Revenue Office in order to open a savings account which I had been intending for a very long time. A few of the observations from this post office are hereunder.

  1. After filling the form, they unnecessarily insisted on turning me back citing necessity of ‘Witness’ in the form. A good samaritan who was also trying to open the account volunteered to affix the witness for me.
  2. When my turn came in counter, she told me no ATM card and try visiting after MAY END. What is going on? For a simple ATM card I should wait for a month and a half and even after that I should try asking them?
  3. When I asked at least if I would get a passbook she told yes but only on Monday. Something was wrong, I sensed and asked are you sure it is Monday and she affirmatively replied Yes Monday. Interestingly, Monday is May Day and I think it is a federal and state holiday in India.
  4. When I tried to give a 2000 rupee note to open an account with 1000 rs. she turned me again asking to get a change. Another rude behavior.
  5. When I gave two 500 rupee notes she was asking me weird questions like ‘Why are you opening account here when you are in Tambaram area’ (I told my workplace is nearby and by the time I cross Tambaram the counters there would not have opened).
  6. Next question she made is give the list of all NSC certificates that you have so that she need to cross verify and give the same CIF for this account. Some of my NSC is from Pune.

I don’t understand the essence of these crazy things and I can only infer if she was trying to avoid servicing the account opening request and was attempting all different ploy to achieve her goal. IndiaPost is doing a very hard work in marketing its savings account and banking business and your service is absolutely wonderful but these bad workforce are indeed spoiling the hard earned image of the department.

Response from Postal Department on 5th May 2017

The public tap in Gurunathar Street, Rajakilpakkam is profusely leaking since early morning of today.  A petition has been sent to the following:

  1. Tambaram Tahsildar (tahtbm.tnkpm@nic.in)
  2. Tambaram Commissioner PWD (commr.tambaram@tn.gov.in)
  3. Sembakkam Commissioner PWD (commr.sembakkam@tn.gov.in)
  4. Kanchipuram District Collector (collrkpm@nic.in)

Recently we found an issue of rampant smoking near a tea stall in Ambattur Industrial Estate. We have tried to bring the same to the kind attention of TNPCB. However about a month later the response from the department says it does not fall within their purview, it is a public nuisance case and needs to be looked by state police department.

The state police department was not able to be reached as of publishing this note.

CpGrams: GOVTN/E/2017/00646


The number 9884499759 is involving in reverse telemarketing. Because doing a telemarketing they get caught this number is giving missed call and when we call back they sell their products.

And Vodafone Chennai team is refusing to take action because he is a high net worth customer and losing this customer means losing revenue for them.

If let unchecked this guy will generate a lot of black money for himself in doing illegitimate telemarketing besides ranting his revenge on non-cooperating customers by reverse complaining on them as telemarketers.

CpGrams: DOTEL/E/2017/12200


We had a trip on 14th April 2017 from MS (Chennai Egmore) to Salem. The PF number 9 was looking haunted without proper lighting particularly where the S6/S7 coaches stand. The platform also lacked conspicuously any CCTV surveillance or RPF patrolling.

One hooligan was troubling us in inebriated state with unnecessary questions. We teamed up with a passengers to escape him.

I had tweeted to Social Media team of RailMinIndia but till the train started from the station at 2300 hours no RPF was found on the platform. A CpGrams has been sent vide MORLY/E/2017/06437.

Response from Ministry of Railways on 4th May 2017

It is submitted that 54 CCTV cameras have been installed at strategic locations at Chennai Egmore Railway Station, including Platform No. 9, from where T.No 11063 Exp is despatched normally . The jurisdictional Inspector of RPF has also clarified that Staff are posted at CCTV Monitoring Room round- the -clock and RPF staff are deployed at all Entry/Exit points regularly and also at Platform areas. RPSF staff are also deployed with Arms and ammunition for Station and Platform patrolling. During the time referred to in your complaint, the RPF Staff may have been patrolling any other place allotted to him . However, whenever any such incidents are noticed , passengers are requested to contact RPF/GRP Toll- free Helpline No. 182/1512 which is functioning round- the- clock . It is assured that complaints of passengers are attended with due importance and immediate action is taken to redress the complaint. The Helpline numbers are being widely publicized through various means, including soci

Standard Chartered Bank Adyar Branch is making fake calls and branding the caller on the name of iCICI Bank (Adyar).

Yesterday evening I received a call from

+91 44 6454 0113 (missed at 0935 AM and 0733 PM)

(recieved at 0814 PM and introduced as Mr. Dhakshinamoorthy Branch Manager of SCB Adyar Chennai)

However the TrueCaller Identity shows as ICICI Bank Adyar Loan.


Looks like by shifting the number identity to ICICI, SCB is attempting to perpetrate massive financial fraud in the city.

CpGrams: DEABD/E/2017/10578