April 2019

It is quite common to see IPC 353 being abused by local police and at times by public sector banks as a kind of incontestable protection for them against their incompetency. We are often stuck in the banks due to slower processing of transaction by freshly hired tellers and stranded in peak traffic snarls in highways because of mismanagement by traffic enforcement. When we challenge these people they try to protect their incompetence covertly with an unscrupulous cover of IPC 353 calling themselves as public servants when they are actually acting as our bosses.

Additionally whenever we file a law enforcement complaint we are forced to spend hours together for a formal documentation of the same and/or so-called interrogation/enquiry.

The abovesaid arguments hold good in quite a bit of other government departments like Road Transport Office, Tahsildar Office etc where a simple one hour work is stretched to more than a week involving multiple visits to them.

Quite similar to what 498a was called Legal Terrorism, I believe 353 in the current state has become a Labor Terrorism. Private employees contribute to more than 85% of the national exchequer by way of taxes and the so-called public servants who are supposed to facilitate the private workforce catering to clientele across the globe are actually deterring us from discharging our duties to our global clientele. Hence I believe 353 should also include a protection for private workforce along with accommodation to claim damages from so-called public servants for liabilities like Loss of PayHumiliation in front of global clientele.

A formal request for amendment of this law has been sent to Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

On 9th April, Me and my friend visited Okkiyam Thorappakkam store and submitted a MNP request from Idea Postpaid to Airtel Prepaid for the number. The local reference for the same was me. After completing all the required details when I asked for a re-verification the teller is telling it is already submitted. I specifically asked for re-verification because the confirmation text to me mentioned the PORTing number to be incorrect. The last few digits have been gobbled up.

It almost took the whole day and next for the back-end team to work on the same and then we again submitted a new CAF to get the issue fixed.

This is becoming a repeated nuisance with these private TSPs when we ask for #Prepaid that they try to do some crap quite intentionally to make us run pillar to post to get the task complete. And if you are seeking a high value postpaid they are ready to come over to doorstep and get the same completed along with trying to milk you by checking unnecessary services in the CAF form like VAS, Insurance etc.

I have issued a PORT request from Vodafone to Airtel yesterday and got a SIM from Airtel. Today early morning I saw the message on MNP ClearingHouse website that Porting Request was rejected and to contact recipient operator (Airtel). But Airtel did not have any information regarding the same (1000 AM)
At 11.30 AM I recieved a SMS from Airtel telling your current operator (Vodafone) rejected porting request and visit Airtel store for more details. But when I called Vodafone call center (current operator) they are telling the request is still open and disconnected the phone. She was bluffing that I sent 6 requests and then secretly disconnected the phone.
And Airtel store says they do not find any message of rejection at all. A formal escalation to department of telecommunications has been filed vide DOTEL/E/2019/09167.