October 2008

PMK Heading towards ban of Alcohol also …

Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss was successful in bringing in a complete ban of tobacco from today. His father (Dr. Ramadoss) who heads the Pattali Makkal Katchi in Tamil Nadu has been also actively combating against liquor shops and urging the government to bring a total closure of all liquor shops and wine outlets in the state.

You can check out  a complete report from ‘The Hindu’ here. We have the following significant points to ponder upon over this topic and support PMK in their initiative to urge the government to bring a complete ban on liquor.

  1. Drunken driving cases in several parts of the state is on an alarming rise. Cops are just going blind-folded.
  2. The government is just acting deaf, dumb and blind towards the cry of people on their requests that illicit arrack distilleries be stamped out from the Indian soil.
  3. Many political agents have significant contracts and capital investments in either TASMAC and/or one or more those illicit arrack distilleries and this seems to be ulterior and sole motive of the government turning a blind eye to the cause of banning the liquor flow in the state.

At least in Gandhi Jayanthi day, let us hope we pray to our ‘Father of Nation’ to help us tide over this menace.

Now we can afford to breathe fresh oxygen in India …

The Union Health Ministry of India has rolled out a significant ban of smoking in public places all over the country. This ban comes into effect right from the birth anniversary day of Mahatma Gandhi (October 2). Check out a complete review on the same over here.

As always, there has been some opposition from tobocco companies and the Union Health Ministry has taken a bold initiative to ensure a fresh oxygen within the Indian subcontinent.

We welcome this move but there are a few more questions to be answered by Government:

  1. How effective would be the ban? While the law prohibits smoking in public places, how effective and stringent would be the implementation; how much would be the vigilance of the cops and how far would the cops be truthful to book the offenders instead of using this as yet another cash-cow to fill in their wallets!
  2. Tobacco is also a cottage industry. What are the rehabilitation measures taken by the Government for those people whose livelihood is affected by this ban?

Let us wait and see the moves …