Recession days are triggering Retail Robbery
These days of recession seems to be driving some organizations in Chennai to resort to a kind of retail robbery in their own styles. I have two incidents to share.
Citibank Cash Deposit Melodrama: About three weeks back, I deposit around 1000 rupees in Cash Deposit in one of the Citibank ATMs. The normal procedure is that the cash payment gets credited to the account almost the next day though the bank stipulates 48 hours to safeguard for its inertia.
This time three days passed and there was no response from Citibank regarding the cash credit. The Citiphone as usual was acting as a good testimony for our ‘Thikkuvay Thandavarayan‘. When I wrote to indiaservice (at), I got a random reply each day whilst trying to get updates from them. A few of them are:
  1. No updates from collection team. They would get back in 3 days. After two days one email would come mentioning that they need more time and they woud get back in 3 more days.
  2. They wanted a scanned copy of the ATM reciept to verify inspite of me giving all details over the very first complaint (the 4th day after deposit).
  3. On asking if there would be late payment charge, they could not reply with confidence at all.
After one week, Citiphone started to divert calls to some one called ‘Senior Officer’, ‘Subject Matter Expert’. I am not sure how many nicknames their next cubicle colleagues would carry just to cheat the customers.
After three ways, they now credited the cash payment. But the very next day one guy purportedly from Citibank called me regarding on service feedback regarding the problem resolution and he got the bang from me from irritating me all along.
Just thought I would share these two incidents with other readers since these days of slowdown, some of the unscrupulous organizations in India are trying to make the best to loot customers by all forms of bad trade.