November 2010

Time and again Srirangam temple has been chosen by atheists as their most choice of attacks under different kinds and creed. This time it comes close to the heels of the legendary traditional and divine practice of Kaisika Ekadasi. One of the temple Joint Commissioner recruited by HR&CE Department of Tamil Nadu seems to be aspiring to promote his atheism in the temple by challenging a few customs of the Kaisika Ekadasi on the grounds of Human Rights Violation (Wolf Cry?)

Pl. join a moment to voice your opinion against such frigging skunky dirty shitty creatures over here.

Points of Contact to Protest:

    Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple,
    Tiruchy – 620 006.
    Tamilnadu, India.
    Tel: + 91- 0431 – 2432246
    Fax: + 91- 0431 – 2436666
    Woraiyur: 0431 – 2762446
    Thiruvellarai: 0431 – 2562246
  2. Commissioners in HR&CE

Complete Details of the Denigration Attempt of JC


The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (Mr. Muthuvel Karunanidhi) and his team seem to be having proud claims of Chennai being a global city – promising lucrative technology parks, hitech transport systems like Metro Rail, finance city in the offing and all similar to that. Whilst they usher on their day-dreams and progress in the same would they ever stop to realize that their subordinates reporting to them in various cadres of civic administration facilities are turning a deaf year to the denial of basic facilities to the tax-paying citizens of even the fast-developing suburb of Chennai (Pallavaram).

Here is a little humble presentation by the Citizens of East Pallavaram:


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It is a known fact and proved time and again that our cops only come after a mishap got staged. Even if a heads-up is given about a possible sabotage they are so much loaded with inertia and lethargy that they don’t want even to lift their little finger towards this to dismiss the apprehension.

In the recent ‘Anna Nagar Student Kidnap for Ransom’ horror there is a news update that the industrialist got a threatening call about a few months back. He seemed to have a lodge a formal complaint with the cops only to confront and elicit a grave inaction from them. Only when the actual kidnap drama got staged they seemed to have responded.

Fortunately there was no loss to life and limb over the incident. But can’t they learn from their follies and be more proactive? After all the government is paying them good remuneration every month not to mention handful of bonuses they get every year during festival seasons starting from the Deepavali to Chithirai Tamil New Year. Interestingly Deepavali is just about two days from now. Smile