October 2007

Citibank is known better to us a booty bank. But how many of us know that their telemarketers are so cruel to destroy friendships and even catastrophe indian family setups? Just thought I would share a couple of incidents that prove this point:

  1. An interesting encounter with Citibank Telemarketer
  2. http://cid-057dbbda7eb29619.photos.live.com/self.aspx/Ways%20to%20Handle%20Telemarketers/thread5.JPG

So next time you get a Citibank Telemarketer call handle the same with care. It might not be another disgusting telemarketer skunk but can also be another Shoorpanaka.

Brutal Sinners Eyeing on Archaelogical Monuments with Envy

The Ram Sethu row as it is affectionately called is the the critical problem that India is currently facing over the little manmade bridge that was constructed about 1,750,000 years ago.  For some unique reasons, the current Government of Tamil Nadu seems to be actively eyeing it with an envy for reasons best known only to it and the God. 🙂

They seem to propose a very nation friendly cause — “Prosperity to the state of Tamil Nadu through proliferation of Exports and Imports by cutting down the travel expenditure for ships that currently has to circumambulate the Sri Lankan island since the Gulf near the Palk strait is not deep“. But they are simply not able to answer any of the following simple queries put either by the media or by the opposite parties. Just because they occupy the ruling throne, I don’t think they are vested with autocratic dictatorship in a soveriegn secular democratic country of India. A few of the simple queries that normally feature in every news headlines but go unanswered by the Government of Tamil Nadu or its representatives in the Union Government are being summarized below:

Before we delve into a detailed analysis, I would suggest a reading of Ram Sethu for dummies.

  1. Grave risk to Marine Ecology and Fisherman’s Livelihoods: The bone of contention area has risk limestone. With continuous dredging operations and limestone blasting, the area would soon the days of an aquatic desert or a marine graveyard where no fishes survive. With no fishes, the livelihood of fisherman is put to deep stake. Fisherman also claim that the dredging ships break the rock and throw the debris like anything. The entire sea is being turned into a dumpyard. The fisherman also suffer from their fishing nets being torn apart by getting caught in the debris. [Source Courtesy: Yahoo News]
  2. Risky Navigation of Ships: The canal area itself is very narrow and I don’t think bigger ships would take the risk of taking this route in preference to the current circumambulation of Sri Lanka route.  Large Vessels, Oil Tankers can not simply pass through this topography. With so much of sandbanks being shifted off, it is a serious threat to the canal.
  3. Invitation to TSunami: In the aggressive greed for the contract profits, the Karunanidhi led DMK is just trying to throw the natural security that is a blessing to the region. With incessant dredging and disturbance to the natural topography, the nature-provided protection against TSunami is gradually weakened, thereby making it more TSunami vulnerable. With every country making it coast stronger and building powerful fortresses, we stand in the world to claim that we are negatively stronger against TSunami and the Government of Tamil Nadu feels extreme pleasure in hosting a red-carpet reception to TSunami.
  4. Hurt to Religious Sentiments: For some reason for ever, the Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi led DMK government always derives sadistic pleasures in hurting the religious sentiments of the people and particularly the Hindu religion. A few fond recall of this attitude or the tell-tale moments are captured below:
    1. Government involvement in recruitment of priests in temple.  A quick BBC news summary is here. The BBC summary anyway concludes with this statement “Some analysts describe Mr Karunanidhi as the last surviving patriarch of the Dravidian movement.” Can the government ensure that all these people who gain political entry into the temples have a clear recitation of all those ancient Sanskrit (or even Tamil) mantras? This is one another question that does not elicit any answer.
    2. With a stiff opposition towards Ram-Sethu demolition move growing like anything and even the Union Government forcing Ambika Soni to withdraw her petition to the Supreme Court and planning to chalk out alternative measures towards the implementation, it seems the DMK of Tamil Nadu has become desparate and bursting out in thier hysteric castiest move.  Karunanidhi has clearly and distinctly crossed his lakshman-rekha (Sanskrit: लक्ष्मण रेखा),  even to great extents like insulting the Supreme God itself and his literature. A few examples to substantiate are:
      1. Karuna calls Lord Ram a ‘drunkard’, Advani fumes
      2. MK: Was Lord Ram an engineer
    3. These virulent attack of the DMK clearly proves his athiest moves and his one and only attentive move towards hurting other’s religious sentiments much against the secular nature of the nation.

Latest Updates:

The DMK Party is also making upheavals against the constructive alternative measures taken by the Central Government. They were planning for a vast-state-wide strike today (October 1). Again this is the second strike called by the party just in about less than six months, with the early predecessor being on March 31. Rather than initiating moves to uphold the secularism of the nation, the party just finds comfortable in deriving sadistic pleasures by splitting the masses based on caste.  There is a Tamil saying “ஊர் இரண்டு பட்டா கூத்தாடிக்குக் கொண்டாட்டம்” which means deriving pleasures by separatist effects. It was a great relief for the nation that the Watch Dog of the Constitution (the Apex Court of India, Hon’ble Supreme Court of India) just slapped the bandh down. You can find the note here. Further DMK’s own allies in the Union Government has commented “as a concept such protests have no place in a democracy like India”.  Check it out here.

Let us wait and see what the Time has for these sinners to say. If they are just having envy nurtured in them against the rich heritage of India, we know how people with envy normally expose themselves. Here is a case study on ‘How people with envy show themselves up‘.