February 2017

We sent the following petition-suggestion to Metropolitan Transport Corporation on 21st Feb 2017 vide GOVTN/E/2017/00480

Dear Team,

The following petition/suggestion applies to Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC), Chennai. MTC is very innovative in introducing lot of delights in its fleet. I would suggest to have a corporate tieup with Reliance Jio and have their WiFi installed on your bus fleets so that their network coverage is also improved and MTC can also make use of internet services like GPS tracking, cashless payment for transport services etc. It is definitely a win-win situation for both the business entities.

The response from transport corporation on 27th April 2017 is as below.

Jio wifi cannot be installed based on customer / passengers preference. The proposal for introduing GPS traking etc is under study by MTC. Dated.28.03.2017.

On 19th February 2017 we sent the following petition to Government of Tamil Nadu vide GOVTN/E/2017/00453.

Dear Team,

The following petition applies to State Transport Department/Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC). The distance between bus stops in Velchery – Tambaram Road between Tambaram and Medavakkam are uneven and disproportionate. The average distance between bus stops is supposed to be 700 meters. However the distance between Mahalakshmi Nagar bus stop and Kamarajapuram bus stop is more than 1 km.

Hence there is a urgent need for a bus stop to be created somewhere in the middle point between these two points. Without a bus stop this area is being literally taken up for their haggling and bartering by unscrupuluous auto drivers. Kindly look into the same.

The response from the transport corporation on 27th April 2017 is as below.

In this regard it is informed that the distance between Mahalakshmi Nagar and Kamarajapuram is arround 800 Meters. Already Rajakilpakkam bus stop is available in between the above places. At this bus stop Ordinary buses are stopped to pickup and set down the passengers. Passengers may utilise this bus stop. Lr.No.119/22049/TRG3/MTC/2017. Dated.21.04.2017.

We have been observing that most MTC Buses are now using the 100 feet road in Velachery and have stopped using Velachery Main Road. We have sent the following petition to Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC)/State Transport Department/Traffic Enforcement (Velachery) vide GOVTN/E/2017/00456

As far we have observed most MTC buses are now avoiding the stretch between Vijayanagar Terminus upto Gurunanak college via (Velachery Main Road) and are preferring 100 feet road in both the directions. This area is serving a lot of residential and business houses besides religious establishments and hospitals. What is the workaround proposed by MTC? At least a few small buses should be introduced. Currently because of lack of services autos are striking reign of terror in the area.

Response on 27th April 2017 from MTC:

In this regard it is informed that due to bridge work at Velachery main road the buses which are operated towards Velachery was diverted over 100 ft road by the traffic Police. However the buses which are operated from Velachery towards Saidapet are operated on through of Velachery Main road as one way. Once the bridge work is completed the bus operation will be restored in orginal route course. Also small buses are operated in norrow roads. Where conventional buses cannot be operated to connect main road or nearby terminus. Hence, it is not feasible to operate small buses in this stretch. Lr.No.118/22048/TRG3/MTC/2017. Dated.21.04.2017.

We sent the belowsaid petition to Government of Tamil Nadu on 15th February 2017 vide GOVTN/E/2017/00402

Dear Team,

At the outset I would like to thank MTC for introducing ORR based service between Tambaram and Avadi vide 202 as shown in the attachment. I have a request to see if you can improve the frequency of the bus services and give more public awareness at the depots it would be more immensely beneficial to the commuters.

The response from transport corporation on 27 April 2017 is as below.

The request regarding increasing the service in the Route No.202 operating between Tambaram and Avadi in Outer Ring Road (ORR) was received by this office and duly examined in details. in this regard it is informed that while inception of above route, 3 services were operating. Further, as per the demand received from passengers one more service was added and now totally 4 services are operated in this route for the convenience of passengers may utilise this route. Lr.No.117/22047/TRG3/MTC/2017. Dated.19.04.2017.

We sent the belowsaid petition on 15th Feb 2017 vide GOVTN/E/2017/00404 to Government of Tamil Nadu.

Dear Team,

We would suggest if MTC could introduce the following services to make payments at counters for monthly pass etc.

  1. PayTM
  2. Credit or Debit Cards
  3. FreeCharge

Currently the counters accept only cash and at times when the teller runs out of change there is a heated argument prevailing at the counters between the staff and commuters.

With non-cash plastic currency alternatives these things can be avoided and performance is improved at the counters.

The response from transport corporation on 27th April 2017 is as below.

At present MTC is issuing monthly bus passes in and arround Chennai for the benefit of regular passenger. These season tickets are issuing from 1st to 22nd of every month including Saturday, Sunday and all Government Holidays. Your suggestion regarding issue the monthly season ticket through Debit cards and through network providers are taken note in MTC. Lr.No.29/22379/SCF Pass/MTC/2017. Dated.12.04.2017.