February 2016

The most lucrative offering of Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) in India is the web presence called IRCTC. This is basically to facilitate online booking of railway tickets supposedly with ease for the customer. But in reality what actually happens with IRCTC. Here is the summary in nutshell:

  1. The bookings have been divided into two blocks for Tatkal. Higher reservations like AC starts at 10 and Sleepers starts at 11. But the agents and touts have sophisticated mechanisms and handy experience that the bookings get emptied in a matter of few minutes, faster than the flash sales of Flipkart.
  2. If the fare is 100, then payment gateway page will show 122 (PG Charges). Additionally your bank account might show up multiple debits and total debit might come as 130.
  3. Max booking per customer per month is capped at 6. Some people have 10 I believe. So exercise due diligence if you have weekly trips scheduled around.
  4. Cancelation of tickets is another nightmare. There is a very steep cancelation charges  online vis-a-vis the reservation counters.

No sooner than we post our resumes in job portals like Naukri, Jobstreet etc than fake recruitment consultants call and ask for money and tell that they will give reference code making selection stress free and easy in the interview.  On 23rd February 2016 I received a call from +91 95995 92950 (23 Feb 2016 12:04. The lady was trying to talk in sweet convincing voice and when I used a stern note and asked her who she was talking with, she got little panicky and gave the same to her collegue. .He replied the same story again.

I have reported this issue to the following departments:

  1. Central Labor Commissioner Office (via PMO) vide Reference Number PMOPG/E/2016/0075017
  2. Chennai City Police CCTNS vide Reference Number BUD1603285 pending with DCP Kilpauk.


Around eight years back the athiest party of DMK made Pongal as Tamil New Year which was a great setback for the Hindu culture. Thankfully, Jayalalitha led AIADMK government has reversed and voided the ordinance four years back.

But till now, Kalaignar TV is involving in false propaganda during Pongal festivals calling it as New year. Furthermore, Hindu festivals are called as ‘holidays’ in their channel whereas they are called by festival names for non-Hindu observations

Petition sent to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting via MOIAB/E/2016/00252 on 2nd February 2016