April 2012

A while back we saw the rude attitude of VSNL who do not respond to emails but silently delete it off after six months. You can read the narration here. However in this narration we are going to see some one who demonstrated an attitude of care even when it was like more than an year.

Incident: https://viewsreviews.wordpress.com/2011/04/28/rampant-pollution-of-water-body-in-manassas-va/

Response from Prince William County Water Body Administration. Let us whole-heartedly appreciate Jeeannie for her work-consciousness and nature -concern.


A couple of days back I had one interesting telephone call from some one called Abhirami pretending to be from ICICI Bank. The calls were received on the following occasions:

  1. Abhirami (91 78718 81507) on 28th April 2012 at 11.30
  2. Arun (91 98840 00975) on 28th April 2012 at 14:59

The narration of the call is as below. The worst part is that these calls landed as an International Roaming which I am planning to invoice ICICI for reimbursement of the same.

Abhirami is asking for some one called ‘XXX’ abusing my parents for some outstanding credit card due since 2004 claiming around 15,000 balance in that. When we asked who she wanted to talk, she was telling the name as ‘XXX’ and when we asked the address she replied ‘XXX’ from Saidapet. Our address is not in Saidapet and when we asked her to read the complete address she appeared to be scratching the heads and arse and replied ‘2, Naidu Street, Saidapet’. When we asked the account number/card number and her identity proof that she was indeed calling from ICICI she hung up the call immediately telling that she would call later.

In the afternoon some one called Arun called me asking for ‘XXX’ and he introduced himself calling me to give the details about credit card due payment.  We told him that we didn’t call them but some unsolicited call from lady who called regarding some unknown credit card balances. This person was telling about some 20,000 dues and he gave the name as ‘EggsEggsEggs’ but he was spelling out the same Saidapet address.

He was telling that the account started in the year 2000 and the credit card due is from the year 2004. This guy contradicted himself telling that he is calling from Saidapet and Ambattur and some how managed to cover up the story as the collection agent is based in Ambattur. When we asked him to send the credit card/account number and statement by email and sms text he agreed but he has not sent it till now which clearly shows that he is a fraud.

A few research results:

  1. I don’t think I ever got a ICICI Credit Card till 2002 and I believe the presence of ICICI till 2001 in Chennai was also not significant.
  2. Also these numbers are not listed in http://www.icicibank.com/Personal-Banking/pdf/DSMG_agency_list.pdf and hence I think the two duo are just but another set of scammers out of the box.

I would like to share the incident with others here so that people and ICICI can be wary of these scammers before they wreck havoc on more customers. A report has been sent to ICICI Customer Care and Head Service Quality but has not been commented upon or actioned as of this time.

Note: Other than the offender’s names, all other names have been masked for privacy purposes.

Very recently another paramour-patronage high drama murder has been enacted by an unscrupulous wife in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The news URL can be found here.  Whilst the priests who solemnized their wedlock would have wished them many days and nights inseparably together in bliss and happiness, the bride seems to have vowed to complete the first night as the finishing last night to the groom.

Today was watching an old Vijayakanth movie “Managara Kaval” in a local cable television. In all box-office hit movies it is portrayed that the top-brass of the cop serve as a close accomplice to con man. A few of them are Managara Kaval (of Vijayakanth), Gemini, Saami (of Vikram). I do not want do dismiss this as another screen gimmick because often film producers share out their own experiences of their bribe experiences through such ‘passive rants’. Pokkiri of Vijay Joseph Chandrasekhar does show that a cop wanted two crore worth bungalow on a posh apartment complex to satisfy the bestial instincts of his concubine.

Whenever an ordinary person joins even the job of a ‘peon’ in a fourth-grade office, the organizations put so much effort in police reports, conduct, character and background verifications. So how is Government of India so careless about its states’ callousness in leaving them recruit criminals as care-takers of the city?

And whenever such people travel abroad, the foreign embassies and organizations too do not place much emphasis on the checks before issuing a visa to them. So effectively these are the first-rated criminals, IMHO, who abet international terrorism.