Over the course of discussion with my sister she revealed that since 3 years she is holding a HDFC Bank Salary Account. Almost on a every month basis there are punctual debits of approximately 177 and 708 (totalling 885) but there is no proper response on the same from Customer Care who ask her to visit the branch and latter shifts the responsibility to backend team or PhoneBanking. To date the total debits have reached 21,240 and I had tried escalating the same to their social media team here.

It has only resulted in another random Service Request number being created and so far there hasn’t been any responsible revert from the financial institution. Not sure if we should trust this bank any more considering the amount of emphasis they place on #UnsolicitedCommercialCommunication, hidden charges on any services etc.

Most of the service providers in banking and telecom in India have stopped giving Toll Free number for customer service and are either charging for agent assistance or having the agents service on the Toll number. Some of them like Citibank have customer service on 860 PREMIUM telephone line.

For example,

  1. Airtel 121 Toll Free for IVR 50 paise per minute for Agent
  2. Vodafone 111 -do-
  3. Idea Customer Care does not exist.
  4. Tata Docomo 198 Complaints number is also chargeable
  5. Citibank 860 PREMIUM
  6. ICICI Local

We sent a request to the office of Prime Minister vide PMOPG/E/2017/0361055 on 30th June 2017 regarding the above to take steps to ensure all service providers have a TOLL FREE 1800 number for customer service which is an international standard.

As per their response on 6th July 2017 that it is a policy matter and need to dealt by TRAI, the petition was forwarded to the following personnel in TRAI.


Today I visited Anna Nagar (W) Extension Post Office next to HP Petrol Bunk and Ambattur Revenue Office in order to open a savings account which I had been intending for a very long time. A few of the observations from this post office are hereunder.

  1. After filling the form, they unnecessarily insisted on turning me back citing necessity of ‘Witness’ in the form. A good samaritan who was also trying to open the account volunteered to affix the witness for me.
  2. When my turn came in counter, she told me no ATM card and try visiting after MAY END. What is going on? For a simple ATM card I should wait for a month and a half and even after that I should try asking them?
  3. When I asked at least if I would get a passbook she told yes but only on Monday. Something was wrong, I sensed and asked are you sure it is Monday and she affirmatively replied Yes Monday. Interestingly, Monday is May Day and I think it is a federal and state holiday in India.
  4. When I tried to give a 2000 rupee note to open an account with 1000 rs. she turned me again asking to get a change. Another rude behavior.
  5. When I gave two 500 rupee notes she was asking me weird questions like ‘Why are you opening account here when you are in Tambaram area’ (I told my workplace is nearby and by the time I cross Tambaram the counters there would not have opened).
  6. Next question she made is give the list of all NSC certificates that you have so that she need to cross verify and give the same CIF for this account. Some of my NSC is from Pune.

I don’t understand the essence of these crazy things and I can only infer if she was trying to avoid servicing the account opening request and was attempting all different ploy to achieve her goal. IndiaPost is doing a very hard work in marketing its savings account and banking business and your service is absolutely wonderful but these bad workforce are indeed spoiling the hard earned image of the department.

Response from Postal Department on 5th May 2017

During our recent dine in at a Dominos Pizza stores in the IT corridor of Chennai we found that a duplicate service tax entry is being added. Though it a zero amount the billing line items are very ambiguous. The tellers were not able to justify the same. Hence have raised this issue to Department of Sales Tax via PMO, Dominos Social Media team for their comments as well dropping a note to their corporate house.


A while back we took steps to report about the highly discouraging trend of Axis Bank ignoring telemarketing complaints  and also their regional operations involving in shady acts like engaging touts to threaten complainants. To this one of the official commented me as ‘The customer is a frequent complainant’. We took a strong note of the same and escalated it back to Department of Financial Services (Banking Division) and we got the response from Nodal Officer indicating that the officer who responded that comment was in fact wrong in doing so. Here are the narrations.

We hope corporates ensure their employees exericise due care of how to express themselves in public because their gestures often end up embarassing everyone.

12857_offensiveremark 18438_condemn responsefromaxisbank

Whenever I get a telemarketing call from a bank they say ‘Based on your relationship status …’. At times we might be confused on what types of relationships we had/have. If it is US we can look up for a credit report and savings bank reports operated from third parties. However since CIBIL applies only to credit cards I just thought how about requesting each bank a relationship summary. I had mentioned that the summary should include all closed and active relationships hitherto. This would ensure that no PII has been inadvertently misused by telemarketers/DSA/TSA.
Request sent on 21st December 2016
Here is the status as of now:
  1. Indian Bank. Got a spreadsheet from the branch in 2 days after IndCustomerFirst desk reminded the branch after a day.
  2. ICICI Bank. Responded in three days with an excel sheet in the most recent email address they had on records.
  3. Axis Bank. Other than an auto-responder no response yet.
  4. HDFC Bank. Totally no response.
  5. Standard Chartered. Borrowed ‘Additional Working Days’ two times and waiting for response.
  6. Central Bank of India (After 10 Days)


  7. Citibank. Borrowed ‘Additional Five Working Days’ today.  And after a long delay of 12 days  scribbled the below response on 2nd January
  8. IndusInd Bank. Totally no response.

Can this be taken as a measurement of transparency possessed by these banking organisations?

I reported the following on 21 May 2014 to Ministry of Information Broadcasting via CpGrams (MOIAB/E/2014/00554):


Dear Team,

We would need you to look into some of the unethical business practices of Videocon Cable. Currently our guest house is serviced by Videocon cable. I have the following complaints on Videocon cable. Calling the customer is no use and there are no attendants at any point of time. Emailing them some junk dumbass would call you after two days but just bluntly disconnect the call and after halfa day another dumbass would appear in person just to shake the STB box up and down once and then asking 150 to 200 rs. as a visiting service charge.

The visiting person would not even have the ID card and even will not give a proper receipt of the same. The channel numbers also keep changing frequently without any proper reasoning and/or announcement. Since the caretaker of the guest house is not tech-savvy, it becomes easy for those conmen to mischievously con them.

Thanks and Regards,



Response from Bharat Business Channel of Videocon D2H on 7th April 2016 is enclosed below:


Today I visited your Vodafone Koramangala store and took Token Number 264. The intent was to permanently churn one of my sparingly used mobile number xxx644. I remember there used to be a form for that. And while I was waiting I was searching for the form on the racks and one executive was telling disconnection only possible for postpaid and she was asking me to convert to postpaid first!

In Counter H, the girl left in a huff because of her ignorance or lack of skills and one Ms. Krishnaveni came and occupied the position. She was reluctant to help when she is working and drawing salary from an organization with the motto ‘Happy to Help’. She was telling activation and deactivation done by call center only. It was call center and appellate who had guided me to consume the balance first and then approach the main store to permanently churn the number.
After a lot of resistance she opened the system and now another set of hysteric gesture from her.  She wanted to see an Id Proof but did not like the Aadhar Card. She wanted a photo. I do not know why she wanted a photo for disconnection. I suspect that she was secretly trying to convert the number to postpaid to reach her monthly targets.  Looks like the 2015 issue mentioned here  is still continuing to haunt Vodafone.
She refused to give a service request number and after a lot of haggling scribbled in a bit of municipality paper. The SR reads as SR 1915648248. I had to call her ‘stupid’ right on the face because of her absolute temerity, arrogance, dis-obedience and lack of conducive communication skills.  And she was telling it would take 48 days for the disconnection. Normally it is 48 hours or 24 hours right
I wonder why Vodafone wants to recruit such mediocre in their payrolls and spoil the global brand image. The way she behaved and her colleague giggling from her back makes me suspect whether the SR is going to be acted upon or they are going to surreptitiously activate it as a high value postpaid connection.
Let us wait and see how long they act on this complaint to churn the number and return it to the owning MSC network.

There is a steadfast growth and increase in geometric progress of black money (unaccounted money) in Tamil Nadu. I am actually talking about rampant patronage of autos by the society and indifferent attitude of the government to place a check on them.

  1. Chennai autos are known for their notorious behavior of not using meters and charging exorbitant fares even for short distances.
  2. Most autos are owned by local dons, councillors, MPs and MLAs and sometimes by law enforcement people and then leased on daily basis to drivers.
  3. Most auto drivers have unions and have unholy nexus to force transport corporation to skip important stoppings so that they can squat there.
  4. Most vantage locations like Olympia Tech Park, DLF, Estancia near Sriperumbudur, SIPCOT entrance near Siruseri, Velachery Vijayanagar are squatted by auto drivers.
  5. Buses are often convoyed before and after by autos like 95/99 from E Tambaram to Thiruvanmiyur/Adyar.
  6. Buses are forced to skip stops and the auto drivers approach passengers in desperation with proposal for ride with exorbitant pricing.

For a ride of 1 KM they charge 40 rs (against 25 rs) a difference of 15 rs. So if we take average 20 kms per day for an auto they gain 300 rs in surplus.

With current Google statistics there are 17 million autos in Chennai. There is a whopping amount of 5,10,000 per day (unaccounted money) which goes to local bigwigs.

Petition Filed with Central Board of Direct Taxes vide CBODT/E/2015/04151

The most lucrative offering of Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) in India is the web presence called IRCTC. This is basically to facilitate online booking of railway tickets supposedly with ease for the customer. But in reality what actually happens with IRCTC. Here is the summary in nutshell:

  1. The bookings have been divided into two blocks for Tatkal. Higher reservations like AC starts at 10 and Sleepers starts at 11. But the agents and touts have sophisticated mechanisms and handy experience that the bookings get emptied in a matter of few minutes, faster than the flash sales of Flipkart.
  2. If the fare is 100, then payment gateway page will show 122 (PG Charges). Additionally your bank account might show up multiple debits and total debit might come as 130.
  3. Max booking per customer per month is capped at 6. Some people have 10 I believe. So exercise due diligence if you have weekly trips scheduled around.
  4. Cancelation of tickets is another nightmare. There is a very steep cancelation charges  online vis-a-vis the reservation counters.

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