I had been receiving a bunch of text messages from Muthoot Capital Loans indicating some weird account number (15126398) and payment due notification alerts on my mobile. Repeated requests and clarifications to Muthoot was of no avail.

The following request was sent to Reserve Bank of India vide (DEABD/E/2016/02665) on 6th March 2016:

Dear Team,

I am getting text messages as below from Muthoot. I do not have any financial relationship with Muthoot but customer care is refusing to entertain any queries.

  1. Dear Customer, We have approved loan Request. Your A/C No is 15126398 and your Due Date is 05th of every month. Starts from Mar 2016 – Muthoot (4th March 2016)
  2. Dear Customer, thank you for te payment of Rs. 2205 against your Muthoot Capital loan Ac no 15126398 by transaction id 9853719 on 05 Mar 2016 (5th March 2016)

My Phone Number on which the messages received xxxx 52644

Thanks and Regards,

Deepak Vasudevan

On 17th May 2016 got the following response on CpGrams portal after an initial email confirmation on 2nd May 2016.

An interesting text message came from 9015105172 (Reliance Mobile Delhi NCR) today (17th May 2016) at 10:00 AM introducing herself as Samantha and the message was evident as a global scammer offering a lucrative sum of 3.9 million USD in India.

This makes one step clear that Reliance does not properly verify CAF details before activating mobile numbers.
We had another experience discussed here.


Tamil Nadu is going for elections today. V&R takes this opportunity to remind everyone to head on to their designated polling station (aka) voting booths and exercise your franchise.

Election Commission of India has a free SMS number called 1950 to which if you send your voter id, it will give you the designated polling booth.

Some points to note:

  1. Your vote is not for sale. If a party offers something bribe or tries to ferry you to a polling booth, report them to the election commission. Reporting to law enforcement is of no use because most police folks work hand-in-hand with corrupt politicians.
  2. If you are not satisfied with any of the candidates, choose NOTA in the polling machine.
  3. If your organization is not giving you time and/or holiday to exercise your franchise report to Labor Department and to Election Commission. It may be that your manager/supervisor has an unholy nexus with politicians making you to boycott the election and use your name to cast bogus votes. Stop them from doing that.

Let us give 100% voting. Even if candidates are unfit in the constituency, there is the most fitting candidate in every constituency. NOTA.

The Government should ensure that liquor be sold at double the cost and half the money credited back to the account of the wife of the person who drinks.

This will bring Achhe Din to all. The following are the benefits of this scheme

  1. Husband will drink within limits because his intoxication level will always equal his wife’s bank balance.
  2. Wives will not object to husbands drinking.
  3. Wives will know how much the husband has drunk today.
  4. Wives who don’t have accounts will also be able to open accounts, increase banking habit among ladies.

Courtesy: Adapted from a friend’s status in Facebook

We would need five mandatory refinements in our conduct of Elections from the Election Commission of India and the Parliament.

  1. A same candidate can not contest in two constitutencies. The problem is that after winning they resign from one and ask for bye-election in the other. This is an unneeded burden on the ex-chequer.
  2. If there is a bye-election, persons in power can not canvas for the candidates from their parties. If they would like to canvas, they can resign from the power and then proceed to canvass.
  3. There should be a 100% compliance of voting from the public. If some one fails to exercise their franchise intentionally then the government provided subsidies to them, electricity connection, gas supply and ration services should be canceled for them.
  4. Persons with any criminal cases should not canvas in the election in Toto. You can check out about each candidate here.
  5. People should have a ‘recall’ power. For example if a lorry driver who draws a salary of 1000 rupees does not do his job properly, the owner instantly fires him. Similarly if the people’s representative does not do the job of representing the people in the assembly, the people should be able to recall him from power instantly.

Courtesy: Thennavan movie by Vijayakanth.

Today had an opportunity to visit ICICI Bank )Hosur Road Branch, Bommanahalli) to deposit some amount because an upcoming standing instruction debit was there. There were a few observations in the branch.

  1. There were two two normal teller counters both were progressing at snail speed and none for Privilege Banking customers.
  2. Furthermore one of the teller counter was showing a sort of favoritism for a few customers and for us he was turning back to write challans back and forth. Not sure if there was a pocket picker in the bank having an unholy nexus with this teller and he was expecting us to be conned by the pocket pickers.
  3. Since i wanted to check the account number with my mobile number he again turned me back and wanted to come in the slow queue.
  4. And even when the challan was serviced, he was asking hundreds of unnecessary superfluous questions which were not required and might compromised the security of the customer in the queue.
  5. His identification card was tucked-turned off and hence he was attempting to conceal his identity from being reported.
  6. Also the parking outside the branch is scary. Multiple lines of vehicles parked here and there.

I have been reporting of weaker to no coverage near Sadduguntupalaya since the first week of February through various channels like CpGrams, MIS and appellate team. Other than getting response calls everyday from different BSNL folks nothing was turning out regarding improving network coverage. Finally today they had responded with the following comment for CpGrams (DOTEL/E/2016/10281) as below.

AGM RF Team reports that Complaint received from the Chennai nos on roaming at bangalore .S. G Palya site is closed due to owner issue, But Christ college BTS serves this area.The signal issue will be solved by adding new more towers in forthcoming add on project which is being taken up already. Letter is addressed and attached Type of Disposal : Accepted


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