I had an opportunity to visit Jeyachandran stores in Pallikaranai  on Sunday (3rd January 2021) being an ardent shopper of their T Nagar outlet and this outlet in its initial days.

I had a small hiatus in mall visits due to the recent pandemic situation prevailing in the country opting to stay low profile and yesterday visited the Pallikaranai showroom. I felt a lot of shortcomings that have crept into the stall which is very disappointing on the fine fabric of Jeyachandran business conglomerate. Here are my observations from the current visit.

  • 11.45 AM. The Food Court staff were busy in their chit-chat with colleagues. Items were not getting readied and asked at what time Puffs etc will be ready the answer was ‘We do not know’. The counter opposite serving hot coffee had a similar reply on when the coffee would be ready for vending.
  • A good number of items when asked for assistance in locating the reply was an immediate ‘Not in Stock’ without even lifting the little finger to ask a peer and/or to locate across the aisles/racks. Here are the few instances:
    • Pet Bowls
    • Shaving Sets
    • Vegetable Peeler
    • Toys  Section
  • The supervisor on the floor where Pet Bowls were responded as No Stock proved no better than another clown since he was telling that is the first time he is hearing about pet bowls. Not sure how such people were brought onboard to such a leading mall.
  • Additionally the way these people responded made one feel as if the store is closing the business/outlet and only trying to get the existing things to go away without replenishing the stocks.
  • After purchasing a few footwear,  we had a delay at the billing counter as they were busy singing songs besides playing some games on mobile for a while and after 2 to 3 minute wait only we were responded with a billing option.
  • When exiting the store the calendar distribution person proved to be another seasoned hypocrite where some people who seemed to be in his good books were given two to three calendars and despite we having bills from each floor not less than 1000 he was exaggerating the bill expectation and gave one calendar with much demur and delay.
  • Observed another damage in one of the elephant’s tail and tried to report to the staff to see if they can report to the management and get it rectified. Again a callous who cares response from them.

    Also the elephant pedestal is being used as stock loading area instead of keeping it decorated with some plants and other aesthetic touch.


  • Enforcement of Wear Mask was also very sparingly observed.

  • [Abandoned Vehicle]
















    We had reported an issue of abandoned vehicle in Velachery Tambaram Road at Rajakilpakkam junction on 16th October 2019 to Tata  Motors (who were identified to be financing the vehicle), RTO and a Cc to Chennai Police (via GDP Portal). Tata Motors confirmed on phone in just a week that  hypothecation does not exist and hence they do not have any control on the vehicle any longer.

    However after 2 months the office of Superintendent of Police (Kanchipuram district)  is just closing the complaint with an irresponsible reply like the petitioner should contact Pallavaram Police Station for remedy. Interestingly this area falls under Selaiyur. Here are some of the glaring issues with respect to their response:


    Petition Response

    1. The SP office seems to be lacking the idea of proximity police station with respect to the incident.
    2. Modus Operandi of redressal of Public Interest Petition is not able to identified from a Peer to Peer complaints
    3. Seriousness to Citizen Security observed sharply missing in their response
    4. Instead of taking a pro-active suo moto gesture of looking into the abandoned vehicle and its antecedents, the emphasis seems to be on closing the complaint and harassing the petitioner by asking them to move from pillar to post.

    Over the course of discussion with my sister she revealed that since 3 years she is holding a HDFC Bank Salary Account. Almost on a every month basis there are punctual debits of approximately 177 and 708 (totalling 885) but there is no proper response on the same from Customer Care who ask her to visit the branch and latter shifts the responsibility to backend team or PhoneBanking. To date the total debits have reached 21,240 and I had tried escalating the same to their social media team here.

    It has only resulted in another random Service Request number being created and so far there hasn’t been any responsible revert from the financial institution. Not sure if we should trust this bank any more considering the amount of emphasis they place on #UnsolicitedCommercialCommunication, hidden charges on any services etc.

    A few days ago received a call from SuprDaily asking for feedback about the new version of the  app. Honestly speaking it was a good design with a very good aesthetic touch. I did appreciate them and gave a score of 4.5 out of 5. Normally it is my practice to hold .5 to 1 from the top to ensure we always have some scope of improvement in whatever we do.  The CRM executive was glad enough and asked if there was some feedback I would like to share for further improvement.

    This was the suggestion I told them. Have a scope to incorporate multiple vacation settings at once. For example if I am on vacation for this weekend, 2 days from the week now, subsequent weekend, I should be able to feed them all at once to the app so that deliveries are paused upfront instead of me waiting to reopen the app everytime right before the vacation. This is normal because we are able to book tickets in advance for Airline and IRCTC so we know when precisely we are travelling and we are only trying to ensure the same information is cascaded in this app. I really had a very difficult time to make this CRM executive even understand the concept and I had to get to the bottom most in explaining the comparisons and need of the same. But not sure he understood anything when he complained bad connection only to hung up.

    Other than this SuprDaily is really a wonderful innovative service and I hope the management takes care of these issues which are really an eyesore on their innovative offerings.

    Of late there has been particularly different issues regarding an ethical administration point of view from one of the southern states of India precisely (Tamil Nadu). Among the 29 states and 9 Union Territories only Tamil Nadu departments seems to be adopting a unique practice when dealing with citizen petitions like tagging it as Accepted and Rejected.

    It looks like this is giving a unique teeth to the bureaucratic staff who in order to cover up their odd doings tag the petition has Rejected even though there is a valid response which conveys the meaning as otherwise. I have enclosed a sample from HRCE department for the kind reference of the Office of Prime Minister. Honestly I don’t find any value add of this string literal other than a perceived attitude of those staff in covering up the number of complaints against them.

    This is not a one-off case but is seen prevalent from GDP Portal, CmCell and Police Department also.

    The sample response below was given for swindling temple money at Marundheeswar Temple, Thiruvanmiyur.


    The daily morning needs for every family at times become chaotic particularly when something like milk is getting delayed or egg or bread is running out of stock in the kitchen.  We recently came to know of a service called SuprDaily which has its origin in Mumbai but now expanded its service to most parts of the country.

    All you need is an app developed by them running on a supported platform (Android or IOS) and a UPI enabled bank account to order the same. Unlike local milk vendors you are no longer restricted to particular brands only. A host of diversified brands are available to be searched and ordered on the app at the price mentioned by the manufacturer themselves.

    And even the delivery is impeccable.  Though the ETA for delivery is 7 AM, they have a hardworking folks who turn to your doorsteps right before 5 AM itself. And even when they come early there are options for them whether to ring the bell or just slide in the delivery items at your door (to ensure your sleep is not disturbed).

    And when you are outbound for a vacation for a few days it is quite easy to pause the deliveries at the comfort of the app. Orders are accepted for processing for a day till 2230 hours the previous night. Support is impeccably fast via IVRS, Social Media and App based chat.

    Additionally a slew of offers thrown now and then helps customer’s give a soothing comfort to their inflation-strained wallets. Let us wish SuprDaily more success in their business. And the success of this startup is more clear since they have been recently engaged as a subsidiary to Swiggy it seems.

    We had a trip from Karaikkal to Chennai using SETC (State Express Transport Corporation) SETC bus with the following fleet code NGP C 805

    Date of Journey: 7th September 2019
    Time of Journey: 1150 AM

    The driver and conductor demonstrated the following gross misdemeanor to the passengers. The bus was supposed to halt for lunch break at Chidambaram bus stand around 1345 hours so that passengers can attend their Nature calls and refresh themselves. However the bus avoided to stop at Chidambaram bus stand and despite a passenger who had severe need to urinate the bus went unstopped till Puthur to a lesser known roadside hotel which sells non-standard items for beverages. Their refrigerator did not have any branded items and MRP was not adhered to. Additionally the crew also used illmannered gesture and unparliamentary words on the passenger who requested a stop to disembark even to the extent of relinquishing his ticket till Chennai. Unfortunately even the water refills were asked for money by this road side restaurant.

    Incidents like this have become quite common in Tamil Nadu where the transport corporation staff nurture an unholy nexus with a set of restaurants who bestow unknown benefits to them in return for bringing passengers to them for lunch and refreshments at exorbitant rates.  This has been time and again reported on incident basis whereas there has been no concrete corrective tangible action by the transport corporation against their erring workforce.

    A petition to this effect has been recorded with the office of Prime Minister vide ****/E/2019/0****99

    A petition has been sent to The Office of President of India today citing a bunch of omission and commission of pertinent state departments of Tamil Nadu in Greater Chennai during the calendar periods of 2015 to 2016.  The petition opened up with a regret for the delay in reopening the petition considering overwhelmed with mundane tasks and other works.

    The gist of the current petition was about another petition which was filed to the office in the month of March 2015 regarding blatant abuse of Whatsapp by certain officials in the state department and a related one in a neighboring state.  The local operations had the temerity to tag the then petition was Rejected.  Despite tagging petition as rejected it was still transferred to my the then jurisdiction police station and I was compelled to visit them once hot summer afternoon in May 2015 to again explain them every bit of the complaint. I even suggested them that this petition might be better off to be examined at depth by a Cyber expert and Cyber forensic team and not by ordinary plain vanilla law and order team. I have tried my best to explain the importance of defensive cyber crime teams for ever-rising internet age complaints.  However they categorically turned down my requests and regretted that the state department did not have any such facility with them and hence forced me to write a letter addressing their head to rescind the petition with a specific note indicating waiver of any remedial step to be taken by them along with a waiver for them to respond to the petition. Precisely I was forced to annul my petition by duress.

    Despite the above completed in June 2015 itself again in the month of March 2015, I was facing piquant calls from these people asking them to give another letter for annuling the petition. I do not understand what happened to the original one. Since I was out of station I had to have the same emailed to them to get the operation closed.

    Despite the above turnaround one of the authority had tried to meet my Senior Citizen parent in later part of 2015 and was telling that when he was having discussion me regarding rescinding the petition as in 3, I was warned not to compare their operations with other states people they are superior. Whereas in actual context I was literally bugged and requested to withdraw claiming total incapacitated capability of their operations to look into cyber crimes. I am also shocked to hear about the superior comparison of them against their other state peers.

    This unnecessary discussion with my senior citizen parents and my apartments has caused much recurring mental agony for me because they cite this whenever I needed to rise anti graft petitions and I would like the erring teams to give an unconditional apology on these grounds.

    Response Needed:

    1) Why the petition is tagged Rejected
    2) Despite REJECTED state why I was harassed twice for rescinding my original complaint.
    3) What is the #Superior comparison of their operations with other state peers?


    The following petition was submitted to the office of Prime Minister (PMOPG/E/2019/0282081) and also registered as a petition in Change.org.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    At the outset, I would extend my heartfelt congratulations for the sweeping victory to Shri Narendra Modi ji and his BJP/NDA team in the recently completed lustrum festival of world’s largest democratic republic. I am proud that I have been helping out too in a very little way with my local BJP members, whatsapp group and also supporting the Mein Bhi Chowkidar concept in Twitter. I have a humble request to you to have a re-look on Animal Welfare laws in India. Most of them are very much stale, obsolete and sans any teeth/power to be enforced and implemented.

    1. If there is an injustice to a section of people they raise against the oppressors and garner support from political parties. But when a poor animal like a puppy or kitten is ill treated and/or left famished they don’t even have a voice to tell anyone and the little ones end up crying about their fate silently.
    2. Additionally when there is a run-over of a human by a vehicle it is treated as a homicide or genocide and the laws are so stringent that the perpetrator can be taken up to and beyond gallows. But running over an animal at best leads to a few rupees fine (as per books of law) which is also not levied and/or implemented by law enforcement agencies who attribute a scant respect for our furry friends. Worst is that the perpetrator is not just left scott free but the complainant started to get harassed by the perpetrator and the law enforcement agencies who view clemency towards animals as an object of sarcasm. At times an egoistic perpetrator starts to target more animals on their axe of cruelty without much respite from the law enforcement agencies.
    3. Furthermore most of the state government have options for subsidised food for the poor people like Amma Unavagam in Tamil Nadu, Indira Canteen in Karnataka to name a few. But there are so much of poor puppies and kitten starving in the streets without getting one square meal. I would like you to look into this issue and ensure that these poor dumb friends get some regular food for themselves.
    4. NDA 1.0 did a very good job in housing sector bring housing dreams quite close to any Indian. However you may be observing millions of dumb friends exposed to rain and shine. It would be great some effort is made to provide shelter to these poor dumb friends. There are weird regulations (written/unwritten) and apartments restrict people from having puppies along with them citing beguile speculations and hallucinations for reasons best known to them.
    5. Additionally when all sections of humans are allowed to use air flights, train, bus and visit temples, I do not know why animals particularly dog and kitten who are akin little babies are embargoed from using these facilities. In your previous tenure you had successfully launched 112 as a single point Emergency Service but when it comes to Emergency services for poor animals ambulances are very less and animal welfare organizations are running in shoestring budget. Human care ambulances refuses to give a lift to our furry friends. Kindly help them with some emergency assistance facilities.
    6. I sincerely appreciate your vision to safeguard girl child with schemes like Beti Bachao Beti Padao, Sukanya Samriddhi Savings Plan etc. In the similar way if we can step up awareness campaign that everyone should adopt a puppy or kitten and not buy, every dog in our Indian street would get a lovely home and a parent.
    7. The dignity of death is also not available for poor friends. When a human dies they gets so much of fan fare for his final procession and rites. But for the unfortunate dog, all they do is throw the carcass of our poor furry friends in some remote waste bin and walk off without any remorse.

    I humbly request you to bless our poor dumb furry friends with some love of life and ray of hope.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Deepak Kumar Vasudevan


    For a few years I have been holding this Idea Mobile number in Chennai circle. Last weeks ago I found an acute technical glitch which would have made me incurred additional expenses for no fault of fine. I was steeply running out of balance and I was trying to exercise Ask Talktime feature from my friend. The Ask Talktime feature was asking the phone number and the phrase was so incomplete that I thought it was asking my phone number and it accepted. Then it sent out a message from my own number to me asking whether I can accept talktime transfer request (precisely it is trying to transfer talktime from my account to same account at a charge). Ideally when I entered my own number it should have done a validation check that MDN is same as requesting MDN and should have stopped the process with an alert.

    I have tried explaining this to Idea 198 but they do not seem to be understanding the intricate technicality of the issue and  hence before this bug takes a toll on some one else balance I have reported the same to Department of Telecommunications vide DOTEL/E/2019/14135