As a gesture of supporting Shri Narendra Modi’s venture against black money we sent out the following petition to PM Cell on 13th November 2016.

Dear Team,
Our Hon’ble PM has brought a best measure to weed out black money by abolishing 500/1000 rupee notes. However at least in Chennai the following are majorly thriving black money hubs.
  1. Merchants refusing cashless transactions by charging at least 3.5% over and above the bill price. They want everything in cash. And some merchants charge extra for giving receipt too.
  2. Builders force people to pay a percentage in cash and a percentage by cheque (some play here by asking to write a cheque to a different name too).
  3. Auto wallahs are another big source of black money mafia. The Government run complaints helpline is a catastrophic failure and autos continue to fleece passengers with their skyrocketing prices. And incidentally it is said that autos are owned by powerful people and hence a good collection of auto operational revenues reach them.
  4. IRCTC, Government run Bus Booking Services like APSRTC, KSRTC, TNSTC, Electricity Payment Services by TANGEDCO charge higher premium charges for cashless transactions which is a discouraging trend.

Can you kindly look into these too?

Response to this petition (PMOPG/E/2016/0449522) came on 6th December 2016 as below:
The issue raised in your grievance pertains to Policy matter. Your grievance has been forwarded to JS, TPL-I, RNO: 148-A, Ministry of Finance, Dept of Revenue, North Block, New Delhi -110001, Tel: 011-23092988, for further necessary action.

You might have observed that social media has been a terrific medium of customer support for several enterprises. A few days back there was an article in Telecomtalk regarding BSNL’s endeavor to enhance the social media experience of its users.

But for those who have interacted with BSNL through its social media handles the one gut feeling that they get is whether they are dealing with bots or dumba$$es because of the quality of gibberish scribbling we get from them. I have had these escalated to BSNL Pg Cell via CpGrams vide DOTEL/E/2016/39805 and on 7th November a response (acknowledgement) was obtained from them assuring to resolve the anomalies presented by their social media team.

Petition Sent:

Dear BSNL Team,

  1. I would bring to your kind attention that the BSNL Social Media Team needs to have radical renaissance in tune with the corporate objectives. Currently each division has their own @twitter handles and most of them are not verified. If you compare your rivals like @RelianceJio, @JioCare, @Airtel_Presence, @VodafoneIn, @IdeaCares, @IdeaCellular, @RelianceMobile they all have one or utmost two (one for presence, one for support handling) and both are verified accounts.
  2. Internally they take the responsibility to dispatch to the appropriate calling circle. For example I have sending request a few months to @VodafoneIn and when I was i KA, Karnataka circle used to service me. Now I had NMNPed to Chennai, their tamilnadu circle services the request (from Coimbatore).
  3. Also most of the responses from BSNL Twitter handles are almost like bot responses. A few of the boilerplate texts which we could see are: Sorry your request cannot be processed at present. You are requested to resubmit your Complete information again (80%) Your Grievance has been forwarded to the relevant circle office for resolution. They will keep in touch with you (20%) Sir your request cannot be processed at present however you can tweet with complete detail- Sir pl furnish the tel number for taking necessary action.please contact 22416200 (DGM Chr)
  4. And for tweets you do not need salutations like Sir/Madam. Also please etc can be removed. Because you have only 140 characters and the message alone needs to take priority.
  5. Social Media teams should remember one thing that these are not private docket e request/response but the content is indexed by search engines and visible throughout the world by everyone.

It is not only the enterprise image but the image of the country that is also impacted by the response. This book should be a good start for your social media entrepreneurs: Social Media Marketing by Dan Zarrella.

Thanks and Regards,

Deepak Vasudevan

Response from BSNL:

The ELCOT entrance near Sozhinganallur witnesses a huge surge of traffic particularly during peak hours. And evenings the situation is beyond normal imagination. Crossing the stretch is almost next to impossible. On both sides of the road, the autos and share autos park themselves hap hazard looking and howling for customers. Adding to the woes the two wheelers and cars that exit Elcot complex do not care about signals and/or pedestrians. They just dart out at their own whims and fancies.

A report has been submitted to Chennai Corporation vide complaint number 549AKI on 9th November.

Response on 16th November:

Complaint Messages

Zozn15 Says :

Fri, 11 Nov 2016 10:47 AM


Aedn197 Says :

Wed, 16 Nov 2016 11:10 AM

please contact traffic police

The above issue has been reposted to Government of Tamil Nadu vide CpGrams (GOVTN/E/2016/02773) for delegation to appropriate teams on 29th November 2016.

Another complaint has also been filed vide 193JJI requesting for a pedestrian subway or mini makeshift flyover for the benefit of pedestrians. The request and response of this petition is reproduced below.



Details of Complaint Need a small overhead crossing near Elcot SEZ service lane because of large number vehicles and pedestrians choking the intersection. I understand constructing a overhead crossing will take a lot of time. How about having the metallic overhead construction like those near perungudi flyover. I think they are makeshift ones and easy to fix

Complaint Messages

Aedn197 Says :

Wed, 16 Nov 2016 11:12 AM

this complaint highways department



You may be aware that a few years back (in 2013), Department of Telecommunications brought in a regulation that at any point of time an individual can hold only nine connections in India. However this magic figure of 9 is often mis-interpreted by service providers. Also the process of checking the number of connections by the individual is not defined clearly. Hence this writer has taken the onus of escalating the following report to the Office of Prime Minister vide PMOPG/E/2016/0397737.

The report is hereunder.

Dear Team,

A couple of years back DoT has brought out a regulation that at any point of time an individual Indian citizen should not hold more than 9 telephone connections on his name. However there are several things which are unclear and raising a CpGrams to DoT keeps shunting the request from pillar to post and just getting closed without a tangible response. We would hence request you to kindly help with the same.

  1. Does the total number of connections include only mobile number or mobile and landline numbers?
  2. Does the total number of connections are per telecom license area or pan-India? A few years before MNP regime I might have had connections in the region and discarded use of that number. Would they start ticking in my name still?
  3. Where and how do we request for a list of total number of connections in our name (pan-India). Individual cell phone companies like AVoID cartel (Airtel Vodafone Idea cartel) they say they don’t have this facility. I have tried requesting to DoT and the request went to BSNL Ahmedabad and they asked me to file a RTI to DoT.
  4. I have requested information to DoT on the address to which send the RTI petition and documents that are needed. I am also concerned in sending the identity documents because RTI is a publicly available copy. Hitherto there hasn’t been any response from DoT yet.

Of late there has been another trend cropping up in Chennai that MSOs and cable operators are running an unholy nexus in blacking out channels that do not benefit to build their coffers. A good number of them are like:

  1. Dangal
  2. SVBC
  3. Maharishi

The significant among the accused is TCCL (Thamizhaga CableTV Communication Ltd). A few other issues with them are hereunder:

  1. Signal quality is very bad and you can see ghost lines almost in every channel.
  2. Many sections of TRAI recommendations outlined in are violated by TCCL as indicated below.
    1. The contact number of the call center is not advertised prominently in their website. Only after calling repeatedly at their corporate (toll) number we are getting the call center number from them.
    2. TCCL does not have a web-based complaint monitoring system.
    3. There is no Nodal/Appellate team at TCCL.
    4. The MSO keeps changing the composition of the package adhoc and channel numbers keep changing rapidly.
    5. The MSO had de-screened channels without giving a proper announcement.
    6. The complaints had been remaining unaddressed for several weeks now.

A report has been sent to the following administration team towards these issues:

  1. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MOIAB/E/2016/02274)
  2. The Office of Prime Minister (PMOPG/E/2016/0397755)

Last Thursday (18th October 2016) at 8 PM there was a program called Aytha Ezhuthu in Thanthi TV where a retired IAS officer (Mr. Christudas Gandhi) has been airing blasphemous comments on Sri Rama like he is intending to slipper at the deity. This type of public airing has created a lot of mental turbulence to millions of pious Hindu people world wide. Such type of gestures from a professional administration services is not a welcome act.

Even as a layman in law, we can say that his act stands in sharp violation of the following IPC sections

  1. 153 A Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language
  2. 295 Injuring or defiling place of worship with intent to insult the religion of any class
  3. 298 Uttering, words, etc., with deliberate intent to wound the religious feelings of any person
  4. 505 Statements conducing to public mischief

There has been a sharp uproar in many sections of social media and a few of us tried reaching Thanthi TV to see if they can get the person appear on the screen again and tender an unconditional apology for his act and to withdraw the statement. However the people at Thanthi TV helpdesk (reception) are nonchalant to our requests.

A formal complaint has been submitted to the following authorities:

  1. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting via CpGrams MOIAB/E/2016/02438
  2. Hon’ble Prime Minister of India PMOPG/E/2016/0397728

Meanwhile a lawyer from Kanyakumari has also filed a police complaint against the offender as below. (Shared from Whatsapp)

Despite repeated reprimands and requests, sales girls and sales men at Axis Bank do not budge. Unsolicited Personal Loan Sales Offer from +91 744 926 0690 (5th October 2016 at 14:22 hours) came in today on my cell phone.

The caller introduced herself as Anu. Initially she was telling affiliated to T. Nagar branch and later says Kodambakkam branch. When asked verification from branch manager she disconnected the phone.

Previous Incidents of Telemarketing Reported on Axis Bank

1) March 2016: DEABD/E/2016/02533
2) April 2016: DEABD/E/2016/02585
3) May 2016: DEABD/E/2016/02588

I have requested for the following compensation Requested from Axis Bank which is pending with the complaint number (N013583149) in Nodal Officer’s bucket.

  1. Airtime Loss: INR 5
  2. Data Charges in Transmitting Report with AMR format of Recorded Conversation: INR 25
  3. Total INR 30

Available Options for sending the compensation for Axis Bank:

  • Top up my Vodafone Number
  • NEFT the balance to my DBS Digibank Mumbai Account

CpGrams: DEABD/E/2016/12192