Not long after Nirbhaya incident and in  less than five years, Salem – Omalur sector witnessed a similar incident a few days ago. A 14 year old girl has been locked up in a private bus with the crew taking turns to sexually assault her before being overpowered by villagers.

The news source  is here, courtesy NDTV. At least, Delhi police was proactive and media catalyzed the investigation to get justice to Nirbhaya but with the current state of Tamil Nadu where there is a succinct missing of state administration, lack of law and order maintenance and silence of the media with regards to the case raises doubt whether this girl would be given justice and whether the accused would be brought to task or march ahead with their crimes!

Way back on 20th December 2016 we had reported to Government of Tamil Nadu regarding transgender menace near Elcot IT Park complex. The original petition and its response from the authorities is given under.

Text of the Petition:

During weekend days particularly the afternoon of Saturday and Sundays when the crowd at the bus stop is thin, a transgender is haunting the location of Elcot Sozhinganallur bus stop pestering people waiting at the bus stop for moolah. The transgender is touching the people at odd locations in an embarassing way making it very uncomfortable for anyone. Kindly take steps to help commuters at this bus stop free from the transgender menace.

Response for the Petition:

Accepted. This petition enquiry of the Inspector J10 Semmencheary Police Station. In his enquiry report has been stated that the petitioner matter was already Case Registered in J10 PS Cr.No.1404/2017 U/s 75CP Act and Counter petitioner Nisha Age 22 S/o Barathi Thirunangai arrested after bail release. This message informed to the petitioner in future the above matter is maintained beat police and beat officer day and night. This petition may please be filed.

One of my friend has shared a message in his social networking profile page that after his return from tour his house was cleaned spic and span by burglars. Added to the woes when he did a background check with the local chor bazaar, some of the things that has been burgled at his house had been sold at dirt cheap rates.

The most unfortunate thing is that police were refusing to register even a Community Service Register (CSR) incident leave alone a FIR. While the Greater Chennai police advertise that to register our trip visits to the police station, such not-so-stray incidents make us apprehend that registering our trips is a sure invitation to burglars because local conmen have more closer relationship and rapport with the unscrupulous cops.

I can recall a few incidents in metropolitan limits also.

  1. When several years back, MTC Bus crew handed over a pocket picker to Vadapalani police station the then inspector instead of filing a complaint was giving certificate to the accused like ‘These people are very good. Why are you guys insisting on filing pocket picking complaint on them?’

Screenshot of the message are enclosed herewith:

HR CE department is part of Government of Tamil Nadu. Hence it would be a good gesture to have a website like
However they are having a website like
.ORG is normally for non-profit NGO organizations in Internet.  We have sent a petition to Government of Tamil Nadu towards this vide GOVTN/E/2017/01478

We have an observation from Tamil Murasu ePaper dated 26th May 2017 page 5 that the temple pond belonging to Sri Sthalasyana Perumal (Mahabalipuram) is in a dilapidated condition. We have escalated this issue to the office of Prime Minister, Ministry of Water Resources and Government of Tamil Nadu besides an email to the HRCE commissioner (

Petition Reference Numbers:

  1. Office of Prime Minister PMOPG/E/2017/0302340
  2. Ministry of Water Resources MINWR/E/2017/00375
  3. Government of Tamil Nadu GOVTN/E/2017/01477

The newspaper clipping is shared below.


I had been receiving stiff missed calls from the belowsaid number:

+91 80562 72865

And Truecaller revealed that it belongs to law enforcement. The amount of income they get along with varied allowances (legal) besides under-table commissions is abysmally huge and I don’t find a valid reason for this #MissedCalls.

And this has been duly reported to Government of Tamil Nadu vide GOVTN/E/2017/01430 on 22nd May 2017.

Update on 31st May 2017 from Government of Tamil Nadu:

petitioner requested to mention the detail address of the grievance to take necessary action

Ever since the merger of State Bank of India happened with its associates the newer problems faced by the bank itself are inflated debts on their books due to brand rebuilding and advertising. As a result of this they are devising to the following tricks.

  1. Increase in minimum balance for the customers
  2. Secretly activating the debit cards for customers’ whose accounts do not have debit cards and if customers raise voice they say it is the customer’s responsibility to deactivate the debit cards and since the card was active in the last financial year the charges can not be reversed.
  3. The branches are tight-lipped and are directed to talk with the call centers only who involve in parrot talk and put the problems of customers under the carpets.