Way back on 20th December 2016 we had reported to Government of Tamil Nadu regarding transgender menace near Elcot IT Park complex. The original petition and its response from the authorities is given under.

Text of the Petition:

During weekend days particularly the afternoon of Saturday and Sundays when the crowd at the bus stop is thin, a transgender is haunting the location of Elcot Sozhinganallur bus stop pestering people waiting at the bus stop for moolah. The transgender is touching the people at odd locations in an embarassing way making it very uncomfortable for anyone. Kindly take steps to help commuters at this bus stop free from the transgender menace.

Response for the Petition:

Accepted. This petition enquiry of the Inspector J10 Semmencheary Police Station. In his enquiry report has been stated that the petitioner matter was already Case Registered in J10 PS Cr.No.1404/2017 U/s 75CP Act and Counter petitioner Nisha Age 22 S/o Barathi Thirunangai arrested after bail release. This message informed to the petitioner in future the above matter is maintained beat police and beat officer day and night. This petition may please be filed.

HR CE department is part of Government of Tamil Nadu. Hence it would be a good gesture to have a website like
However they are having a website like
.ORG is normally for non-profit NGO organizations in Internet.  We have sent a petition to Government of Tamil Nadu towards this vide GOVTN/E/2017/01478

We have an observation from Tamil Murasu ePaper dated 26th May 2017 page 5 that the temple pond belonging to Sri Sthalasyana Perumal (Mahabalipuram) is in a dilapidated condition. We have escalated this issue to the office of Prime Minister, Ministry of Water Resources and Government of Tamil Nadu besides an email to the HRCE commissioner (

Petition Reference Numbers:

  1. Office of Prime Minister PMOPG/E/2017/0302340
  2. Ministry of Water Resources MINWR/E/2017/00375
  3. Government of Tamil Nadu GOVTN/E/2017/01477

The newspaper clipping is shared below.


A couple of weeks back I was transiting to Pallavaram by connecting at Metro and switching to MTC from Tirusulam bus stand. The time was almost 1830 hours but the national flag on the airport complex was not taken down.

I believe our National Flag code of conduct stipulates that it should be hosted during sunrise and taken down at sunset. One peer commuter was telling that since the lighting ambience is more the flag is always on the brighter area and perhaps this may be a source of exemption.

A clarification has been sent to Ministry of Civil Aviation dated 2nd May 2017 vide MOCAV/E/2017/00870

Update from Ministry on 5th May 2017 is below.

The reply of Airport Director, Chennai is as under – In connection with the reference made of giant National flag being flown at Chennai Airport, it is to mention that it’s a 100ft. tall monumental flag illuminated from ground and is permitted to be flown in accordance with provisions/guidelines contained with Flag foundation of India, similar flags are flown at other places across India and is not lowered after dusk, no constitutional provisions are violated in this regard. In view of above, matter stands disposed off.

We had a trip on 14th April 2017 from MS (Chennai Egmore) to Salem. The PF number 9 was looking haunted without proper lighting particularly where the S6/S7 coaches stand. The platform also lacked conspicuously any CCTV surveillance or RPF patrolling.

One hooligan was troubling us in inebriated state with unnecessary questions. We teamed up with a passengers to escape him.

I had tweeted to Social Media team of RailMinIndia but till the train started from the station at 2300 hours no RPF was found on the platform. A CpGrams has been sent vide MORLY/E/2017/06437.

Response from Ministry of Railways on 4th May 2017

It is submitted that 54 CCTV cameras have been installed at strategic locations at Chennai Egmore Railway Station, including Platform No. 9, from where T.No 11063 Exp is despatched normally . The jurisdictional Inspector of RPF has also clarified that Staff are posted at CCTV Monitoring Room round- the -clock and RPF staff are deployed at all Entry/Exit points regularly and also at Platform areas. RPSF staff are also deployed with Arms and ammunition for Station and Platform patrolling. During the time referred to in your complaint, the RPF Staff may have been patrolling any other place allotted to him . However, whenever any such incidents are noticed , passengers are requested to contact RPF/GRP Toll- free Helpline No. 182/1512 which is functioning round- the- clock . It is assured that complaints of passengers are attended with due importance and immediate action is taken to redress the complaint. The Helpline numbers are being widely publicized through various means, including soci

We sent the following petition-suggestion to Metropolitan Transport Corporation on 21st Feb 2017 vide GOVTN/E/2017/00480

Dear Team,

The following petition/suggestion applies to Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC), Chennai. MTC is very innovative in introducing lot of delights in its fleet. I would suggest to have a corporate tieup with Reliance Jio and have their WiFi installed on your bus fleets so that their network coverage is also improved and MTC can also make use of internet services like GPS tracking, cashless payment for transport services etc. It is definitely a win-win situation for both the business entities.

The response from transport corporation on 27th April 2017 is as below.

Jio wifi cannot be installed based on customer / passengers preference. The proposal for introduing GPS traking etc is under study by MTC. Dated.28.03.2017.

On 19th February 2017 we sent the following petition to Government of Tamil Nadu vide GOVTN/E/2017/00453.

Dear Team,

The following petition applies to State Transport Department/Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC). The distance between bus stops in Velchery – Tambaram Road between Tambaram and Medavakkam are uneven and disproportionate. The average distance between bus stops is supposed to be 700 meters. However the distance between Mahalakshmi Nagar bus stop and Kamarajapuram bus stop is more than 1 km.

Hence there is a urgent need for a bus stop to be created somewhere in the middle point between these two points. Without a bus stop this area is being literally taken up for their haggling and bartering by unscrupuluous auto drivers. Kindly look into the same.

The response from the transport corporation on 27th April 2017 is as below.

In this regard it is informed that the distance between Mahalakshmi Nagar and Kamarajapuram is arround 800 Meters. Already Rajakilpakkam bus stop is available in between the above places. At this bus stop Ordinary buses are stopped to pickup and set down the passengers. Passengers may utilise this bus stop. Lr.No.119/22049/TRG3/MTC/2017. Dated.21.04.2017.

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